Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Last of the Time Lords . . . . . Really?

The Doctor (from the RPG Players Guide)

Just who is the Doctor? The Doctor may look human, but he certainly isn’t. He’s over 900 years old, and from a planet called Gallifrey. He has two hearts, is incredibly intelligent (as well as being mildly telepathic) and can ‘cheat death’ by regenerating into a completely new body. The Doctor is the last of his race, last of the Time Lords. He was on the front lines of the last great Time War against the Daleks, where both races appeared to have perished in the conflict.

Its been established in the new series that the Daleks survived, and they survived "wholesale" - via the "Void Ship" (The Void Ship is a vessel capable of travelling in the void, the area between dimensions outside of time and space. The Doctor expresses surprise at encountering one, saying, "I thought it was just a theory," and so such technology was presumably beyond the Time Lords. However, the Cult of Skaro—a secret order of Daleks—manage to obtain one, and thus survive the Time War with the Time Lord prison ship referred to as the Genesis Ark) and in turn, the "Genesis Ark".

We know for a fact the Genesis Ark is Gallifreyan Technology, its stated in the show. The Void Ship, though advanced exists within Time Lord Theory - or at least to the knowledge of the Doctor.

If a savage and degenerate race of beings such as the Daleks can survive the Time War, are the producers of New Who really telling us all the Time Lords (excepting the Doctor and the Master) are indeed dead. That a Race of beings so technologically advanced (after all they are Lords of Time)and ingenious, with such a strong penchant for durability (are we supposed to believe an insideous and devious intellect such as Rani, isn't going to do her best to survive) aren't going to exist somewhere sometime along the time-line.

Rabid Fans are going to insist they have been erased from time, "It says so in the show, so it must be" - but the Daleks with their inferior Time Technology managed it (even Davros managed it) yet the Time Lords didn't. How naieve is that, the producers are ignoring established continuity - that the Time Lords are that strong. That Rasilon was SUPPOSED to know the secrets of the Time Lords future, and had total Mastery of Time. If that was indeed the case, surely the great Rasilon would have put measures in place to ensure his peoples survival!

Near the end of the 2007 series finale "Last of the Time Lords", a female hand with red nail polish is seen picking up the Master's ring while evil laughter of The Master echoes in the background.

In the podcast commentary of the episode, Russell T. Davies jokingly refers to it as "the hand of the Rani", but they would not be picking up on that scene next year, and that he put it there to give any future production teams something to use if they wanted to bring back the Master.

Later, in Doctor Who Magazine, Davies explains that he "didn't know the Rani was that well known" and that the hand was not actually intended to represent the Rani - oh really, then why oh why make the remark "I didn't know the Rani was that well known".

Now, what am I ranting on about. Well, as far as running games for the new Dr Who RPG - IGNORE the rather daft established continuity. They have already established that "Time is in Flux", and that things can (and do) change - the Master survives (oh, so the Doctor ISN'T the last after all), Paradox Machines can alter reality, the Rani MIGHT be around too, plus you never know WHAT they might add and change on a whim.

The Doctor, Last of the Time Lords . . . . . Really?


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