Monday, 21 December 2009

The Master (Roger Delgado)

This is my first attempt at an NPC for the new Who RPG, so I thought I might make it a big one!

I went for the Delgado Master, as he still remains my favourite. A lot of the numbers are drawn from both the FASA Rpg and Time-Lord, and balancing what I know of the Character against the Characters (such as the Doctor & Jack) from the new RPG Set. Conversions such as this are purely subjective, its the way I see the Master - if I offend because my views on this much loved character differ from your own - my apologies.

The Master (Roger Delgado Incarnation)

Appearance - This First (that we see on-screen) incarnation of the Master, appears similar to that of the classic Svengali character; a dark high-collar suit - with a goatee-beard and moustache.

Personal Goal - A would-be universal conqueror, the Master wants to control the universe , with a secondary objective of eliminating and/or hurting the Doctor.

Personality - Suave and debonair with a sardonic sense of humour. A haughty psychopath, he regarded most beings as his inferiors but has a mutual respect for the Doctor as a worthy opponent and (almost) his intellectual equal.


Awareness - 5
Coordination - 5
Ingenuity - 8
Presence - 7
Resolve - 6
Strength - 4

Story Points - 4
Home Tech Level - 10 (Gallifreyan)


Athletics - N/A
Convince - 6
Craft - N/A
Fighting - 4
Knowledge - 5
Marksman - 5
Medicine - 4
Science - 6
Subterfuge - 6
Survival - 5
Technology - 5
Transport - 7

Background - The Master, formerly known as Koschei and by various temporary aliases and pseudonyms, was an evil renegade Time Lord who the Doctor, with whom he had grown up on Gallifrey, opposed many times. On at least one occasion, he threatened the existence of the universe itself.

Equipment - Tissue Compression Eliminator, Black Leather Gloves, TARDIS (Mark II dematerialisation circuit).

Traits - Charming, Hypnosis (Major), Indomitable, Technically Adept, Time Traveller (Major),
Voice of Authority, Outcast (from Gallifrey), Alien (Time Lord), Experienced, Time Lord, Time Lord (Experienced), Distinctive, Obsession (Major - Defeating the Doctor), Obsession (Major - Ruling the Universe), Vortex, Adversary (Major/Multiple), Master of Disguise.

Master of Disguise is a new Trait, but I reckon its pretty much self explanatory Lol.

Download - The Masters Character Sheet


allensh said...

Very nice. How did you make that character sheet?

Akoris said...

Its an official one, DL from the Cubicle 7 Website!