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Professor Bernard Quatermass

Another Classic, Professor Bernard Quatermass - my Friend Chris used to play him in one of our FASA Doctor Who Campaigns; and he played him REALLY well too.

This version of Quatermass is from 1963 (ish) after all his prior adventures, so he is somewhat more experienced than most human Characters (and so has fewer Story Points).

Once again, I have Provided a Character Sheet (the link is at the Bottom).

Professor Bernard Quatermass

Appearance - Bernard is a rather unremarkable middle-aged man. Sometimes he sports a moustache and sometimes a full beard. Generally wearing a tween jacket with leather elbow pads, his mode of dress embodies the general publics idea of a res

Personal Goal - To keep The British Rocket Group going, and see a British presence in the Space Race.

Personality - " I never had a career. Only work" - that attitude sums up Bernad Quatermass. Though an extremely talented and intelligent man, he didn't come from an overly privileged background like a lot of pre-war Scientists. He worked for what he attained, and respects thoughs with a strong work ethic, and disdains those who are lazy and unimaginative (like Politicians and Military Officers).


Awareness - 4
Coordination - 3
Ingenuity - 6
Presence - 3
Resolve - 5
Strength - 3

Story Points - 6
Home Tech Level - 4 (20th Century Earth)


Athletics - N/A
Convince - N/A
Craft - 4
Fighting - N/A
Knowledge - 5
Marksman - N/A
Medicine - N/A
Science - 6
Subterfuge - N/A
Survival - N/A
Technology - 3
Transport - 1

Background - The Professor was first involved in rocketry experiments in the 1930s, his wife died when they were both relatively young. Quatermass travelling to Germany during the 1936 Berlin Olympics and became involved in research with Wernher von Braun and the German rocket programme, before helping a young Jewish refugee to escape from the country.

Quatermass conducted top secret work for the British war effort, which he subsequently refused ever to discuss.

By 1953 Quatermass is the head of the British Experimental Rocket Group, which has a programme to launch a manned rocket into space from a base in Tarooma, Australia. The test launch is an unmitigated disaster. Many lives were lost, but the Government manages to keep most of the details from the press.

Quatermass continues with his space programme, and by 1955 is actively planning the establishment of Moon bases. His research is adopted by an extraterrestrial intelligence, hoping to use it to colonize Earth. Quatermass and his team manage to stop the invasion and avert disaster.

Despite his heroic efforts, his funding is cut even further.

By 1958 the British Rocket Group is being handed over to military control, much to Professor Quatermass’ disgust. Command is to be handed over to Colonel Breen and Quatermass senses that he is being forced out.
After the events Hobbs End - Breen is dead, and Quatermass once again had helped to save the world. London is in chaos, with the Government placing blame for the incident firmly on the shoulders of International Terrorists.

By 1963 the British Rocket Group was once again in full swing, given a new lease on life by the Governments new awareness of extraterrestrial threats. Amongst those working with Professor Quatermass was Dr Rachel Jensen who not only assisted Quatermass, but acted as military liason – giving Bernard a ‘buffer’ between himself and the military types he so disliked.

Equipment - Whatever resources are available.

Traits - Science Areas of Expertise - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Quantum Physics, Astrophysics. Craft Area of Expertise - Engineering. Indomitable, Technically Attuned, Voice Of Authority, Experienced x 2 (He's seen it all by 1963 LoL). Argumentative, Insatiable Curiosity.

Download - Professor Bernard Quatermass Character Sheet

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