Friday, 25 December 2009

The Time Lords (Spoilers for Non-Uk Doctor Who Fans)

I've said it before, ranted and raved - and I was right.

The Time Lords aren't dead.

The End of Time Part One, showed their return in all their Glory - except now they aren't uninvolved dispassionate watchers, they are driven and vengeful.

I am wondering whether its a one off, or they are back for good. Will they become Villains in this new Whoniverse, or will they be re-established as the Doctors people as before.

Its all very exciting.

I feel vindicated for all my rants and opinions now.

Merry Christmas - Drew


allensh said...

I hope they really become villains...a totally corrupt society that The Doctor has to struggle against.

Akoris said...

I've just finished watching the latest Confidential, and I think thats the idea!

Daily P.O.P. said...

I can't believe they passed that bill ending the global recession.

That IS the Timelord Senate, right?