Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Short Trips

Short Trips will be a semi-regular distillation of my ideas for Doctor Who roleplaying.

Over the years I have written numerous short stories and scenarios (and even my own RPG system, way back in 1978) and amongst the seemingly endless mess of random notes are a few good ideas (at least I hope so).

So, I have written them down as rough scenario outlines - in the hope they might be of use or spark off your own creative 'juices'.

The hardest part is compressing the ideas down into short 'bite-size' pieces!

So, without further delay are the first four of my "Short Trips" . . . . .

Night of the Daemon

A bunch of ‘new agers’ visiting village of Devil's End (as in the classic Jon Pertwee Doctor Who Story “The Daemons”) in Wiltshire on April 27, to celebrate the pagan festival of Beltane on April 30th. Whilst rooting around the ruins of the Church, they find partial remains of an old seemingly occult tome.

Chanting from the remains of the Book they provide enough psionic energy for Azal to begin manifesting himself.

Strange sights are seen around the village, a ‘ghostly devil like form’ is seen walking abroad. Now ‘hooked’ on the energy generated by the book, the kids start to look for their next fix – upping the stakes by murdering an innocent girl in the name of “the devil”.

A trail of blood and death ensues, as the need for psionic energy increases and the would be witches figure out that the murders are releasing the energies required and their “Lord” is about to appear.

With the body count rising – and the fate of the world in the balance. The Doctor has just three days to figure out what’s going on – before Azal returns at full strength, and seeks to end his failed experiment – forever . . .

The Visitor

During the events that took place in Doctor Who Story “Doomsday”, a lone Dalek fighting over Cardiff was ordered into the Rift to investigate. Protected by the Rift energy, the Dalek was saved from the fate of the Daleks and the Cybermen – but left the rift some 4 years later. Only to find its shields had been compromised by the very thing that had saved it.

Going into hiding, the Dalek monitored news reports and found an opportunity when a meteorite landed outside of Cardiff.

Doctor Murray Whitfield of Cardiff University could not get near the Meteorite to investigate because of “bloody Torchwood” – and was refused access because of the authorities.

“Health Hazard” was the official line, in actuality much nearer the truth than one would expect!

The Meteorite held a dormant virus – one capable of causing massive casualties should it be allowed to cool down.

The Dalek, aware of Dr Whitfield’s agitation due to his elevated body signs – contacted him. Claiming he was a peaceful visitor and that the meteorite was all that remained of his crashed ship – and he needed it to return home.

Whitfield’s ego flattered, he agrees to steal the ‘spaceship remains’ – not knowing he will deliver to the Dalek a very potent weapon.

Stuck between Torchwood, and the Dr Whitfield/Dalek plot – can the Doctor and his companions unravel what’s going on and save the day!

The Domino Effect

What if the Doctor, being chased through time ‘disturbed’ the fabric of the Universe.

The Daleks want the TARDIS, and using their crude Time Travel Technology have built a scanner that can track the TARDIS so they know where the TARDIS will be before it lands there. Although the Daleks attempted this in the first Doctor Story “The Chase” – they never tried pre-empting the Doctors Movements - each time the TARDIS lands, the Daleks are waiting for the Doctor – and chaos ensues.

At some point, the Doctor will come to the conclusion that only by “programming a random destination” into the TARDIS’s guidance circuits will he have any chance at all of avoiding another immediate conflict with the Daleks.

The TARDIS then lands in 21st Century London, and it’s changed – totally different. It’s up to you as the GM what’s different, but lay it on so thick that the Doctor and his companions have little or no choice but to try and put things right.

Simply put, the Doctor will have to travel to each Time Zone earlier visited and deduce what changed at each event point – and put it right. Whilst avoiding himself, and the Daleks!

Even though I’ve included it as a “Short Trip” the Domino Effect COULD form the basis of a whole campaign!

Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.

This “Short Trip” could be used either as a Torchwood story or as a Doctor Who story; it’s entirely up the Games Master.

Mary a young single mother is tormented by dreams of fairies – not the cute little glowing balls of light associated with children’s stories – but rather the dark, dangerous, and sinister kind as seen in the Torchwood Series One Story “Small Worlds“.

A strong smell of flowers, things seen out of the corner of Mary’s eye – it’s obvious these creatures are growing nearer and stronger – and they want Mary’s unborn child.

It becomes more and more apparent that these evil little folk cannot be stopped (as before) and the only way to save Mary’s baby is to go back in time and stop the Baby even being conceived – but does Mary, and the Doctor – have that right . . . . .

Monday, 25 January 2010

The Eighth Doctor

Being as I am on an 8th Doctor kick at the moment listening to the Audio Dramas - here is the 8th Doctors Sheet.

Some things have changed, his co-ordination has gone down - the 8th Doctor isn't as nimble as the 10th - but his Awareness has gone up (the 8th Doctor is very insightful).

The 8th Doctor has a very limited form of Precognition, that only works when he meets an individual with a difficult choice ahead of him - and is 'important' to future events in some way.

Also gone is "Last of the Time Lords", as he isn't at this point.

Certain skills have changed, to reflect the 8th Doctors strengths and weaknesses - Athletics and Fighting have gone down (he's a lover not a fighter), and Subterfuge and Medicine have gone up (he shows superior medical knowledge and an ability to pick pockets in the Movie).

I haven't included any reference to him being "Half Human, on my Mothers side" as its more than possible he used the Chameleon Arch to fool the Master - we just never saw it "on screen" as twer.

Doctor Who RPG 8th Doctor (unofficial) Character Sheet Download Page

Coming Soon - Lucie Miller, that strong willed Nothern Lass . . . . .

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Coming Soon . . . . .

I am, at the moment, working on a Scenario for the new Doctor Who RPG called "The Ghost of Weng Chiang" (which has been called "groovy" by one of the guys from Cubicle 7).

Its based upon a story I started writing a while back called "The League of Ordinary Gentlemen" where the Doctor returns to Victorian Londan and once more is embroiled in a 'dastardly plot' alongside Professor Litefoot and Mister Jago of "The Talons of Weng Chiang" fame.

The story outline is (or course) done, I still need to work in a few plot points, and work out the NPC Stat Lines - but its done bar the shouting.

It will be available as a download HOPEFULLY as a fully finished Scenario Book PDF.

After that, I want to finish my Torchwood notes. So, plenty to do!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Character Sheet for the 11th Doctor

Here is a Character sheet for the 11th Doctor, ready to print.

I have not changed the Data on the Profile at all - as we have no real idea how different (or the same) the Doctor will be!

Doctor Who RPG 11th Doctor (unofficial) Character Sheet Download Page
Sorry for the delay in posting, but I've had the norovirus for the last week and have been really REALLY ill.

I've finally 'updated' the Character sheet with the new 2010 Doctor Who Logo - the background is (unfortunately) darker, to match the new Logo and I've gone with a more 'friendly' to look at 'blue' colour scheme rather than the (IMHO) harsher red of the official character sheet.

All images and Logos are used without permission, so DL it whilst you can its quite possible the BBC might take offense and force me to take it down.

Doctor Who RPG 2010 Logo Character Sheet Download Page

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What fuels the TARDIS

A chap called Allen posted on my Blog - regarding the fueling of the TARDIS. It stirred up enough thoughts in me to warrent a full blog post.

Allen said - In the series, the Doctor now has to refuel his TARDIS using Artron Energy. I am thinking this may have been the back-up power system originally but now is the only one due to Eye being destroyed/timelocked

In one way that makes more sense, but from another perspective also supports the more mysterious and ancient origins of the Doctor - if that is possible, Isolating ones Tardis from the Prime Eye so it could fuel itself, how come it was never done before?

In "The Rise of the Cybermen" the Doctor points out the TARDIS can only operate on power from its own Universe - I am not aware of Artron Energy being mentioned as the TARDIS' power source, only that is present with a TARDIS' "heart".

The only mention I can find is in the Sara Jane Adventures - where the Doctor tells the kids they can use Artron energy that powers the TARDIS to fight the Trickster.

HOWEVER this is somewhat contradicted by various sources.

In the 1996 TV Movie, the TARDIS now has its own version of the Eye (either a mini singularity or a link the the Eye on Gallifrey) which would explain how the TARDIS could continue without GALLIFREY being present.

In "Boom Town" and "Utopia" the Doctor Parks the TARDIS on the Cardiff Rift to re-charge from the Radiation emitted from the Rift (the Radiation is not described as Artron Radiation) - as Artron Radiation is present in all things that occur naturally throughout history or have travelled in time - why would the Doctor need to re-charge in a specific place to soak up Artron Radiation. Surely just stop in the Time Vortex itself and soak up the Artron Radiation present therein?

In Boom Town Margret is intending to build the 'faulty' Nuclear Power Plant on the Rift - so the leaking Radiation would cause the Power Plant to go critical. Logic dictates the energy being released from the Rift is of a more dangerous type than Artron (which is for the most part harmless unless absorbed in MASSIVE quantities like Rose did in "The Parting of the Ways") further leading to the concept that the Doctor is soaking up a different form of Radiation.

Singularities such as Black Holes theoretically emit a form of Radiation called "Hawking radiation" (also known as Bekenstein-Hawking Radiation) is a thermal radiation with a black body spectrum predicted to be emitted by black holes due to quantum effects (Black holes' Hawking radiation result from virtual particles. These are particle pairs produced by quantum mechanics. One of the pair is a normal particle, the other its exact twin only with an opposite electrical charge. Usually these two particles self-annihilate almost instantaneously, but in the presence of the immense gravitational field of a black hole one particle may be sucked in before the self-destruction can occur. This leaves the other particle free. The net result appears as though the black hole emitted radiation).

As TARDIS's are powered originally by the Eye of Harmony (itself a Singularity) logic dictates that this would be the Radiation that could potentially charge up and fuel a TARDIS.

Yet the Doctors comment about the TARDIS being powered by Artron Radiation isn't as spurious as one might think - the TARDIS might be powered by Artron Radiation, but it isn't fuelled by it. Just as a Car with a combustion engine is powered by electricity, but needs petrol or diesel for fuel.

How Old is the Doctor - An interesting Scenario Hook

Just how old is the Doctor.

By the time of Pyramids of Mars the Doctor is about 750 years old. In The Tomb of the Cybermen he tells Victoria that he's 450 Earth years old (Since Gallifrey's other qualities are Earth like, and since the Doctor continually boasts of his age to humans, we might assume that there's not much difference between Gallifreyan and Terran years).

The difference between the two figures might in part be explained by the long period that the second Doctor spent travelling (often on his own) after the trial (see The War Games). (It is also possible that the Doctor spent a good deal of time wandering mid-Robot: see The Face of Evil.) He is 749 in The Brain of Morbius and The Seeds of Doom. He turns 750 before The Robots of Death, and has reached 759 (his vanity makes him say it's 756, but Romana knows better) by The Ribos Operation. After The Invasion of Time, therefore, he spent a few years wandering on his own.

He turned 760 before The Power of Kroll, but by The Creature from the Pit Romana is teasing him about his claimed age (750). In The Leisure Hive we discover that he's been rounding down in order to disguise his true age. (The gaps between stories on his own or without human companions (The Deadly Assassin/The Face of Evil, The Armageddon Factor/Destiny of the Daleks) therefore cannot be more than a year or two in length.)

By Revelation of the Daleks and The Trial of a Time Lord the Doctor is 900 years old. The gap is best explained by the two Time Lords having adventured together for many decades (say between The Leisure Hive and Meglos). (The only other explanation would involve super long life span for Nyssa between Time Flight and Arc of Infinity.)

The sixth Doctor adventures for over 50 years during and after The Trial of a Time Lord: in Time and the Rani the seventh Doctor gives his age as 953. The third Doctor twice indicated that he'd been around for several thousand years (Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Mind of Evil), but he was merely indicating the range of Earth history he'd experienced.

Yet According to the new series the Doctor is 906 years old . . . .

Where did those 37 years go I wonder, an interesting Scenario Hook I reckon.

Time Lords, The Time War, Ramifications for the RPG

I've been chatting about Doctor Who to my friend via Email, his last message raised some interesting points.

You were right, the Time Lords have been corrupted. Destroying the universe in order to eliminate your enemies is a bit drastic, even for Rassilon. BTW, Gallifrey has been revealed to be much larger than Earth, but we know its gravity and surface conditions are fairly similar. It can’t be very dense, or the Time Lords would be built like the Squats in Warhammer 40K. Is it really their world of origin, or a planet they have engineered to suit themselves?

This raised some points in my own mind, points that had ramifications in regards to the RPG as well.

I'm wondering if it is indeed the original Rassilon, or some psycho who's took on his name. Rassilon was a power hungry maniac who saw the error of his ways (his change of heart was revealed in the 5 Doctors) this guy seems to be the Rassilon of old - if he's back, as he was - then he would be IMMENSLY powerful - perhaps the Time Lords broke the laws of time and returned Rassilon before his change of heart(s) just as they resurrected the Master to enlist his help.

As we now know the Time Lords aren't dead, they are "Time Locked" left to die at the end of the Time War - with Rassilon (again IF he is the original) being the powerful genius he was reputed to be - will they stay their for long.

In "Father's Day" the Ninth Doctor remarks that prior to their supposed destruction, the Time Lords would have prevented or repaired paradoxes such as that which attracted the Reapers to 1987 Earth.

In "Rise of the Cybermen", the Tenth Doctor mentions that while the Time Lords were around, travel between alternative realities was easier, but with their demise, the paths between worlds were closed.

It was only a matter of Time (no pun intended) before the Time Lock was circumvented, and how long before it is shut down for good.

To 'eek' out a little more information about whats going on, we need to look at some Doctor Who "Fluff" regarding "The Other".

A legendary figure in Time Lord history, the Other does not appear in the television series itself, but is mentioned several times in the spin-off media based on the programme.

The Other was intended to be part of the backstory of the television series during the Seventh Doctor's tenure and part of script editor Andrew Cartmel's so-called "master plan" to restore some mystery to the character of the Doctor and eventually reveal the character's origins. However, although hints of this backstory were liberally scattered through Seasons 25 and 26 of the series, the suspension of production in 1989 meant that the "master plan" never paid off on screen. Elements of it, however, were used as part of the background for the Virgin New Adventures line of original Doctor Who novels. Eventually, most of the details were revealed in the last Seventh Doctor New Adventure, Lungbarrow by Marc Platt.

As with elements from other Doctor Who spin-offs, the canonicity of the following with respect to the television series is open to interpretation (though a LOT of Who Fans insist there is no real canon - EVERYTHING Russell T. Davis has done supports Doctor Who "History").

The Other was first mentioned in the novelisation of Remembrance of the Daleks by Ben Aaronovitch as a shadowy figure in Time Lord history, one of the founding Triumvirate of Time Lord society after the overthrow of the cult of the Pythia that had, until then, dominated Gallifrey. The other two members of the Triumvirate were Rassilon and Omega.

Of the three, the Other's origins are the most obscure, with the circumstances of his birth and appearance being a mystery. Like Rassilon, various contradictory legends surround the Other, some hinting that he had powers surpassing that of Rassilon or Omega, and some even suggesting that he was not born on the Time Lords' home world of Gallifrey (The New Adventure Human Nature Novel - which was eventually filmed for the TV Show, obliquely implies that the Other was a Victorian scientist who built a TARDIS-like craft and travelled to Gallifrey when its people were still primitives - I reckon he was the Time Traveller from the HG Wells story LoL) this 'Human' link is further supported by the series, how would it even be possible to re-write a Time Lords DNA to make him human if they weren't related in some way to Humans - the ability to regenerate is a granted ability (all Time Lords are Gallifreyans but not all Gallifreyans are Time Lords).

Even his name is lost to time, which is why he is simply referred to as "the Other". A minor Gallifreyan festival known as Otherstide is celebrated yearly in his honour. This festival falls on the same days as the Doctor's name day.

When the Pythia was overthrown, she laid a final curse on Gallifrey that made the population sterile. To ensure the continuation of their race, Rassilon created the Looms, machines that would "weave" new Gallifreyans out of extant genetic material - further examples of Genetic Tampering.

Omega apparently died (only to return in "The Three Doctors" and "Arc of Infinity" - Time Lords have a tendency to do that LoL) creating the black hole which provided the raw power needed for time travel, turning the Gallifreyans into Lords of Time.Some accounts suggest that Rassilon misled Omega into believing he would survive this mission (further evidence of Rassilons less than friendly history).

Rassilon and the Other were left to pick up the pieces, with Rassilon harnessing the nucleus of the black hole to create the Eye of Harmony and becoming virtual dictator of Time Lord civilisation. As Rassilon's rule became more oppressive, the Other knew that his own days were numbered.

The Other first ensured that his granddaughter Susan (the last child to be naturally born on Gallifrey - now if Susan was naturally born, she theoretically wouldn't have all the Time Lords granted abilities - which is why she could settle on Earth after "The Dalek Invasion of Earth" she would be long lived, but not able to Regenerate) was safe, sending her to the spaceport to escape off planet. Then, in a last gesture of defiance against Rassilon's rule, he committed suicide by throwing himself into the Looms, mixing his genetic material into the banks.

Eons passed, and the Looms became integrated into the great Houses of Gallifrey. Eventually, a new Time Lord was born to the House of Lungbarrow, who would become known as the Doctor (who is IMHO a genetic re-incarnation of The Other, but more of that later).

Disenchanted with Time Lord society, the Doctor stole a TARDIS, intending to explore the universe. However, inside he discovered that the Hand of Omega, the stellar manipulator Omega had used to create the Eye of Harmony, had followed him on board, somehow recognising inside him one of its creators. Although time travel into Gallifrey's past was strictly forbidden, the Hand overrode the locks that prevented the TARDIS from doing so and took the Doctor back to the Old Time.

There, a year after the Other had vanished into the Looms, the Doctor found Susan wandering the streets of the city — she had never made it to the spaceport. Like the Hand, although the Doctor did not look anything like the Other, Susan recognised that there was a connection, and when she addressed him as "Grandfather", both of them knew that it was somehow right. The implication was that the Other had been genetically reincarnated as the Doctor, although how much of the Other is in the Doctor and how much he remembers of his past life, if at all, is unclear. Susan and the Doctor then left in the TARDIS to travel through time and space.

All through the back-story, there are little hints and links to Humanity. We are the Time Lords (such hints are littered throughout televised Doctor Who stories - please post responses if you find them LoL).

Time Lords appear human, but differ from us in many respects. It is a common misconception that all Time Lords in the classic television series are white adults. A Black Time Lord appears as an extra in "The Deadly Assassin", and in "Planet of the Spiders" some white actors used yellowface to appear Tibetan. A black Time Lord appears in the 2007 episode "The Sound of Drums". In addition, Time Lord founder Rassilon was portrayed in several audio plays by black actor Don Warrington (a little 'Vaderesque' as it is established that Rassilon is caucasion). An 8-year-old Gallifreyan child (implied to be the renegade Time Lord known as the Master) was depicted in "The Sound of Drums" and appeared identical to a human child of the same age.

For Fans to presume that Time Lords managed such a similar evolution to ours on Earth WITHOUT some external factors influincing it - a tained gene pool, colonists, they are our descendents etc - the options are as endless as time . . . . .

If a being had two hearts as a natural part of evolution, they would look a lot less Human than the Time Lords do.

Its likely that their Chest cavity would be a lot larger, to accomodate the hearts and the lungs themselves (I doubt if they would be as skinny as David Tennant either LoL) or the Lungs would be 'pushed' down giving them a 'pot belly' look (disenters with this logic will cite the "who's to say with Alien evolution" schtick - but for them to LOOK Human, they would have to have a similar - if not exactly the same - evolutionary path) in reality, with an extra pump pushing the blood around, a Time Lords Blood Pressure would be higher (not lower as it is in the series) which would generally leave them with either visable or bulging veins and eyes.

Lastly, the head of a Time Lord would most likely be bigger too - to accommodate the increased blood flow and to release the increased temperature - necessary to stop the brain from boiling in its own blood or simply burning up with fever - which is mentioned in the series, when referring to Donna.

HOWEVER if the Time Lords are genetically manipulated, an extra heart (complete with an efficient compacted respitory system) - a lower blood pressure would be 'in line' with that - if a second heart was implanted, you could indeed have lower blood pressure - as the 'push/pull' effect of the hearts would still maintain a healthy circulatory system.

The lower blood pressure (and lower body temperature) would 'save' the veins and eyes from having to bulge, and reduce the neccesity for an enlarged cranium - as the brain would no longer be under pressure and wouldn't boil in all that high pressure high temperature blood. Of course these are only suppositions, but they make a lot of sense (at least to me they do he, he, he).

All these 'modifications' are linked to Time Travel in some way - the simbiotic link between a Time Lord and a TARDIS being the obvious one.

Time Lords are "suited to Time Travel" yet they 'evolved' in an environment without Time Travel - its more than likely they were MODIFIED to suit the Temporal requirements.

Its stated that (in the 5 Doctors) Time Lords were virtually immortal originally, and this immortality was replaced with the Regeneration ability to avoid corruption - further confirmation of genetic modifications being performed.

With regards to Gallifrey itself. Gallifrey is pretty much hollow according to some of the fluff I have read, and because of that it would have a smaller core and support an Earth like gravity.

Its atmosphere is thinner, but less poluted than ours- so around the same Oxygen content as modern Earth.

It is a generally cooler environment (which is supported by the 'hollowness' and smaller core) than Earth, and yet is in a system with two Suns. Perhaps its at a greater distance from the Suns than we are from our own.

Heres another quick thought - if Gallifrey was indeed dead an gone - how does the Doctors TARDIS work.

Within the great Dome is the Capitol; and in the Capitol is the Panopticon - under which is located the Eye of Harmony, the nucleus of a black hole. The Eye provides the power required for time travel (mentioned in "The Three Doctors", and "The Deadly Assassin"), and all Time Lord TARDIS' draw their power from it - if Gallifrey was destroyed - the TARDIS wouldn't work.

In the "Rise of the Cybermen" the TARDIS is cut off from our reality and loses all power - so the TARDIS was still linked to the Eye of Harmony in some way.

Just some thoughts which I thought might be useful in planning an extended Campaign.

Gallifreyan Gauntlets . . . . . . . .

Has anyone else noticed that Rassilons Gauntlet bears a striking resemblence to the "Resurrection Glove" from Torchwood?

Time Lord Technology, or an interesting co-incidence.

Either way, a great plot device!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Random Scenarios

Stuck for a start, or need to run something "off the cuff" then these tables can help!

Taken from many MANY sources - Fan Sites, Challenge Magazine (anyone remember that one), and a few other sources. Here are a few tables that MIGHT help you out.

Time Zone
(Roll 2D6 Once)
2 - 'Pre-History' (Event One up to 2000 B.C.)
3 - 'Known Ancient History' (2000 B.C. to Zero A.D.)
4 - 'History Zone I' (Zero A.D. to 1962)
5 - 'History Zone II' (1963 to 2009)
6 - 'Contemporary' (2010-2020)
7 - 'The Colonization Era' (2021-2500)
8 - 'The Earth Empire' (2,501 - 3000)
9 - 'The Far Future' (3001 - 200,000+)
10 - 'Further than We've ever been before' (Around the year 5 billion & 23)
11 - 'The End of the Universe' (Around the year 100 Trillion!!!)
12 - Roll again, if a second '12' is rolled then 'The Time War' (Time Lock be Damned)

Overall Theme(s) (Roll 3D6)
3 - 'An Alien Threat' (Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors, etc)
4 - 'An Ancient Power Returns' (Ancient 'Gods', The Daemons, The Osirans etc)
5 - 'Return of an Old Enemy' (The Master, The Rani, Davros etc)
6 - 'Beauty and the Beast' (The Monsters turn out to be the Good Guys)
7 - 'The Chase' (Nuff Said)
8 - 'Save the Planet '(Polution, Nuclear War, Meteors etc)
9 - 'History is in Flux' (Someone or Something is tampering with History)
10 - 'Espionage & Intrigue' (Spys & Agents, Governments, Industrial Espionage, Art Theft etc)
11 - 'An Invasion' (Plain and Simple)
12 - 'Survival' (Stranded without means of Escape, Trapped without Resources, Lost etc)
13 - 'Return of the King' (The rightful Rulers return to claim their Land/World)
14 - 'Aliens in the Earth' (Silurians, Sea Devils, Dinosaurs return etc)
15 - 'A Temporal Paradox' (Something is Wrong, and shouldn't be - threatening Time itself)
16 - 'Mad Scientists' (Genetic Engineering, Atomic Research, Cloning, Mind Control etc)
17 - 'Parallel Universe/Dimensional Traveller' (Stranded in/Encounter Visitor from other Reality)
18 - 'Double Threat' - Roll again & Combine the Results (Re-Roll seemingly incompatible Themes)

Landing Location (Roll 2D6)
2 - 'A Cosmopolitan City' (London, Paris, New New New York etc)
3 - 'Underground' (Sewers, Caves, Mine Shafts etc)
4 - 'In the Wilderness' (Desert, Jungle, Forest, Mountain Range, etc)
5 - 'On a Starship' (Cargo Hold, Crew Quarters, On the Bridge, Engineering etc)
6 - 'On a Transport' (Train, Ship, Back of a Truck etc)
7 - 'In an Alien Wasteland' (Slate Quarry, Sand Quarry etc)
8 - 'On a Space Station' (Full Crew, Abandoned, Brand New, Old and Broken Down etc)
9 - 'A Characters Homeworld' (Earth, Mars, New Earth etc)
10 - 'An Earth Colony World' (Terraformed, No Atmosphere, Transitional etc)
11 - 'An Exotic Location' (Go wild with your imagination here, dependent on the Time Zone - have fun with it)
12 - 'An Impossible Locale' (Inside a Miniscope, Shrunk to tiny Size in someones Garden, Inside Another TARDIS etc)

Scenario 'Tone' (Roll 1D6)

1 - 'Action/Adventure' (Standard "Running Around" Fare)
2 - 'Funny' (Silly/Jokey, Light Relief)
3 - 'Spooky'/'Horror' (Dark in Tone, Go for Chills)
4 - 'Mystery' (Keep the Plot Details Secret, only Reveal them as the Players discover them)
5 - 'Revenge' (The Main Villain or Villains seek Revenge on the PC's for past or future indescretions)
6 - 'Romance' (Either within the Group, or maybe an NPC has 'designs' on on of the Characters)

Obviously, these are 'finite' lists and should be added to and expanded upon as you see fit.
My own lists are more complex, but are more tailored to my Players and their Characters (for example).

Have fun with them, they can (if the Dice Lords are with you) provide you with some GREAT sparks for Scenarios.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Do you intend to use Miniatures in your games, if so - you might be wondering what the HELL to use!

The obvious choice are the Micro Universe Miniatures (which turn up cheap quite often on Ebay) - especially for Monsters and Aliens.

The Daleks are excellent, absolutely spot on. If you get a 'bendy' Dalek, soak the offending appendage in hot water then straighten it - whilst held straight, run it under a cold tap and it will stay in the shape you 'set' it at with the cold water.

The Cybermen and Autons MIGHT been touching up, as the paint jobs are rather lacklustre.

The Slitheen are excellent, no re-paint needed - unless you wish to represent the family Blathereen.

Several Other Choices are available, the Mox of Balhoon, the Clockwork Men, and the Hoix to name but a few.

Its a shame that Character Options dropped the range before we got more choice.

Heresy Miniatures do the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors.

The also do a REALLY nice Pyrovile -

And (or course) the Master himself . . . . .

BTW - IF you want to use the 'burnout' Master. Blackcat Bases do a VERY nice range of Ghouls in Hoodies - a Simple Head-Swap should suffice here (plus you might need to sculpt some shoes on).

Any other Monster Choices will have to come from Ebay (if you are lucky enough to find any Citadel Dr Who Miniatures) or Black Tree Design, who still have Doctor Who Miniatures from their old "Invasion Earth" Range. (Please note, thats the UK Link).

Friday, 1 January 2010

New Trailer

Whilst a lot of folks have had their doubts about young Matt, I can see him having a vulnerability somewhat like the 5th Doctors and an energy similar to the 2nd Doctors.

Hmmmmmm . . . . .

Well the Time Lords have been and gone.

All the Laws of Time have (pretty much) been broken (Rassilon, back from his eternal sleep in his Tomb in the Death Zone on Galifrey), transposing a whole Planet through Time and Space.

A VERY nice twist with Wilf, and we don't actually know what happened to the Master after he burned through his life-force zapping Rassilon.

Of course there are lots of new information to consider, the Doctors Mother - who really didn't seem surprised by Rasilon and the Time Lords behaviours in this matter, wasn't revealed to be Human or Galifreyan (although I can't see trouser suits and pearls being popular Galifreyan Womens attire).

According to the The Blinovitch Limitation Effect - the limitation effect limits the amount a person can change their own time line, in fact any changes which deviate to to greater a degree can create a time loop.

It is logical to assume the Time Lords have a way around this, leaving them free when en-mass of such limitations. If that is indeed the case then surely, if the Time Lords found a way of circumventing such a problem - new problems would arise.

The effect of such crossing and tampering is the amount of energy released when crossing your own timeline and interacting with the past (or future depending on perspective) and the energy thus released either as a consequence of meeting your own self (in Mawdryn Undead when the Brigadier meets his recent self for example) or from affecting your future Time Line - this type of effect does not appear to be too much of a problem when different incarnations of a single Time Lord (such as The Doctor) interact with each other.

But what if you removed an entire planet and culture OUT of its own time line in an attempt to avoid its own demise, surely that would cause a HUGE paradox and the release of massive amounts of temporal energy.

Such a release of energy would be like a 'Time Flare' leaving a clear signal behind not only for any abberant Time Lords to tune into (or indeed as a Locator Beacon for Galifrey itself), but marking the Earth Solar system for any Aliens out there in the Universe.

What we have learned from the last Episode of the 10th Doctors adventures, is that we can expect anything - no matter how unlikely people think it might be.

"Change, my dear - and it would seem not a moment too soon" - The 6th Doctor