Monday, 25 January 2010

The Eighth Doctor

Being as I am on an 8th Doctor kick at the moment listening to the Audio Dramas - here is the 8th Doctors Sheet.

Some things have changed, his co-ordination has gone down - the 8th Doctor isn't as nimble as the 10th - but his Awareness has gone up (the 8th Doctor is very insightful).

The 8th Doctor has a very limited form of Precognition, that only works when he meets an individual with a difficult choice ahead of him - and is 'important' to future events in some way.

Also gone is "Last of the Time Lords", as he isn't at this point.

Certain skills have changed, to reflect the 8th Doctors strengths and weaknesses - Athletics and Fighting have gone down (he's a lover not a fighter), and Subterfuge and Medicine have gone up (he shows superior medical knowledge and an ability to pick pockets in the Movie).

I haven't included any reference to him being "Half Human, on my Mothers side" as its more than possible he used the Chameleon Arch to fool the Master - we just never saw it "on screen" as twer.

Doctor Who RPG 8th Doctor (unofficial) Character Sheet Download Page

Coming Soon - Lucie Miller, that strong willed Nothern Lass . . . . .

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