Friday, 1 January 2010

Hmmmmmm . . . . .

Well the Time Lords have been and gone.

All the Laws of Time have (pretty much) been broken (Rassilon, back from his eternal sleep in his Tomb in the Death Zone on Galifrey), transposing a whole Planet through Time and Space.

A VERY nice twist with Wilf, and we don't actually know what happened to the Master after he burned through his life-force zapping Rassilon.

Of course there are lots of new information to consider, the Doctors Mother - who really didn't seem surprised by Rasilon and the Time Lords behaviours in this matter, wasn't revealed to be Human or Galifreyan (although I can't see trouser suits and pearls being popular Galifreyan Womens attire).

According to the The Blinovitch Limitation Effect - the limitation effect limits the amount a person can change their own time line, in fact any changes which deviate to to greater a degree can create a time loop.

It is logical to assume the Time Lords have a way around this, leaving them free when en-mass of such limitations. If that is indeed the case then surely, if the Time Lords found a way of circumventing such a problem - new problems would arise.

The effect of such crossing and tampering is the amount of energy released when crossing your own timeline and interacting with the past (or future depending on perspective) and the energy thus released either as a consequence of meeting your own self (in Mawdryn Undead when the Brigadier meets his recent self for example) or from affecting your future Time Line - this type of effect does not appear to be too much of a problem when different incarnations of a single Time Lord (such as The Doctor) interact with each other.

But what if you removed an entire planet and culture OUT of its own time line in an attempt to avoid its own demise, surely that would cause a HUGE paradox and the release of massive amounts of temporal energy.

Such a release of energy would be like a 'Time Flare' leaving a clear signal behind not only for any abberant Time Lords to tune into (or indeed as a Locator Beacon for Galifrey itself), but marking the Earth Solar system for any Aliens out there in the Universe.

What we have learned from the last Episode of the 10th Doctors adventures, is that we can expect anything - no matter how unlikely people think it might be.

"Change, my dear - and it would seem not a moment too soon" - The 6th Doctor

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