Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Do you intend to use Miniatures in your games, if so - you might be wondering what the HELL to use!

The obvious choice are the Micro Universe Miniatures (which turn up cheap quite often on Ebay) - especially for Monsters and Aliens.

The Daleks are excellent, absolutely spot on. If you get a 'bendy' Dalek, soak the offending appendage in hot water then straighten it - whilst held straight, run it under a cold tap and it will stay in the shape you 'set' it at with the cold water.

The Cybermen and Autons MIGHT been touching up, as the paint jobs are rather lacklustre.

The Slitheen are excellent, no re-paint needed - unless you wish to represent the family Blathereen.

Several Other Choices are available, the Mox of Balhoon, the Clockwork Men, and the Hoix to name but a few.

Its a shame that Character Options dropped the range before we got more choice.

Heresy Miniatures do the 9th, 10th, and 11th Doctors.

The also do a REALLY nice Pyrovile -

And (or course) the Master himself . . . . .

BTW - IF you want to use the 'burnout' Master. Blackcat Bases do a VERY nice range of Ghouls in Hoodies - a Simple Head-Swap should suffice here (plus you might need to sculpt some shoes on).

Any other Monster Choices will have to come from Ebay (if you are lucky enough to find any Citadel Dr Who Miniatures) or Black Tree Design, who still have Doctor Who Miniatures from their old "Invasion Earth" Range. (Please note, thats the UK Link).

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Alistair said...

I didn't know about the Heresy stuff outside of the Drs, thanks for that!

Great find of the model for the Hoodie Master too!