Saturday, 9 January 2010

Random Scenarios

Stuck for a start, or need to run something "off the cuff" then these tables can help!

Taken from many MANY sources - Fan Sites, Challenge Magazine (anyone remember that one), and a few other sources. Here are a few tables that MIGHT help you out.

Time Zone
(Roll 2D6 Once)
2 - 'Pre-History' (Event One up to 2000 B.C.)
3 - 'Known Ancient History' (2000 B.C. to Zero A.D.)
4 - 'History Zone I' (Zero A.D. to 1962)
5 - 'History Zone II' (1963 to 2009)
6 - 'Contemporary' (2010-2020)
7 - 'The Colonization Era' (2021-2500)
8 - 'The Earth Empire' (2,501 - 3000)
9 - 'The Far Future' (3001 - 200,000+)
10 - 'Further than We've ever been before' (Around the year 5 billion & 23)
11 - 'The End of the Universe' (Around the year 100 Trillion!!!)
12 - Roll again, if a second '12' is rolled then 'The Time War' (Time Lock be Damned)

Overall Theme(s) (Roll 3D6)
3 - 'An Alien Threat' (Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors, etc)
4 - 'An Ancient Power Returns' (Ancient 'Gods', The Daemons, The Osirans etc)
5 - 'Return of an Old Enemy' (The Master, The Rani, Davros etc)
6 - 'Beauty and the Beast' (The Monsters turn out to be the Good Guys)
7 - 'The Chase' (Nuff Said)
8 - 'Save the Planet '(Polution, Nuclear War, Meteors etc)
9 - 'History is in Flux' (Someone or Something is tampering with History)
10 - 'Espionage & Intrigue' (Spys & Agents, Governments, Industrial Espionage, Art Theft etc)
11 - 'An Invasion' (Plain and Simple)
12 - 'Survival' (Stranded without means of Escape, Trapped without Resources, Lost etc)
13 - 'Return of the King' (The rightful Rulers return to claim their Land/World)
14 - 'Aliens in the Earth' (Silurians, Sea Devils, Dinosaurs return etc)
15 - 'A Temporal Paradox' (Something is Wrong, and shouldn't be - threatening Time itself)
16 - 'Mad Scientists' (Genetic Engineering, Atomic Research, Cloning, Mind Control etc)
17 - 'Parallel Universe/Dimensional Traveller' (Stranded in/Encounter Visitor from other Reality)
18 - 'Double Threat' - Roll again & Combine the Results (Re-Roll seemingly incompatible Themes)

Landing Location (Roll 2D6)
2 - 'A Cosmopolitan City' (London, Paris, New New New York etc)
3 - 'Underground' (Sewers, Caves, Mine Shafts etc)
4 - 'In the Wilderness' (Desert, Jungle, Forest, Mountain Range, etc)
5 - 'On a Starship' (Cargo Hold, Crew Quarters, On the Bridge, Engineering etc)
6 - 'On a Transport' (Train, Ship, Back of a Truck etc)
7 - 'In an Alien Wasteland' (Slate Quarry, Sand Quarry etc)
8 - 'On a Space Station' (Full Crew, Abandoned, Brand New, Old and Broken Down etc)
9 - 'A Characters Homeworld' (Earth, Mars, New Earth etc)
10 - 'An Earth Colony World' (Terraformed, No Atmosphere, Transitional etc)
11 - 'An Exotic Location' (Go wild with your imagination here, dependent on the Time Zone - have fun with it)
12 - 'An Impossible Locale' (Inside a Miniscope, Shrunk to tiny Size in someones Garden, Inside Another TARDIS etc)

Scenario 'Tone' (Roll 1D6)

1 - 'Action/Adventure' (Standard "Running Around" Fare)
2 - 'Funny' (Silly/Jokey, Light Relief)
3 - 'Spooky'/'Horror' (Dark in Tone, Go for Chills)
4 - 'Mystery' (Keep the Plot Details Secret, only Reveal them as the Players discover them)
5 - 'Revenge' (The Main Villain or Villains seek Revenge on the PC's for past or future indescretions)
6 - 'Romance' (Either within the Group, or maybe an NPC has 'designs' on on of the Characters)

Obviously, these are 'finite' lists and should be added to and expanded upon as you see fit.
My own lists are more complex, but are more tailored to my Players and their Characters (for example).

Have fun with them, they can (if the Dice Lords are with you) provide you with some GREAT sparks for Scenarios.

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