Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Short Trips

Short Trips will be a semi-regular distillation of my ideas for Doctor Who roleplaying.

Over the years I have written numerous short stories and scenarios (and even my own RPG system, way back in 1978) and amongst the seemingly endless mess of random notes are a few good ideas (at least I hope so).

So, I have written them down as rough scenario outlines - in the hope they might be of use or spark off your own creative 'juices'.

The hardest part is compressing the ideas down into short 'bite-size' pieces!

So, without further delay are the first four of my "Short Trips" . . . . .

Night of the Daemon

A bunch of ‘new agers’ visiting village of Devil's End (as in the classic Jon Pertwee Doctor Who Story “The Daemons”) in Wiltshire on April 27, to celebrate the pagan festival of Beltane on April 30th. Whilst rooting around the ruins of the Church, they find partial remains of an old seemingly occult tome.

Chanting from the remains of the Book they provide enough psionic energy for Azal to begin manifesting himself.

Strange sights are seen around the village, a ‘ghostly devil like form’ is seen walking abroad. Now ‘hooked’ on the energy generated by the book, the kids start to look for their next fix – upping the stakes by murdering an innocent girl in the name of “the devil”.

A trail of blood and death ensues, as the need for psionic energy increases and the would be witches figure out that the murders are releasing the energies required and their “Lord” is about to appear.

With the body count rising – and the fate of the world in the balance. The Doctor has just three days to figure out what’s going on – before Azal returns at full strength, and seeks to end his failed experiment – forever . . .

The Visitor

During the events that took place in Doctor Who Story “Doomsday”, a lone Dalek fighting over Cardiff was ordered into the Rift to investigate. Protected by the Rift energy, the Dalek was saved from the fate of the Daleks and the Cybermen – but left the rift some 4 years later. Only to find its shields had been compromised by the very thing that had saved it.

Going into hiding, the Dalek monitored news reports and found an opportunity when a meteorite landed outside of Cardiff.

Doctor Murray Whitfield of Cardiff University could not get near the Meteorite to investigate because of “bloody Torchwood” – and was refused access because of the authorities.

“Health Hazard” was the official line, in actuality much nearer the truth than one would expect!

The Meteorite held a dormant virus – one capable of causing massive casualties should it be allowed to cool down.

The Dalek, aware of Dr Whitfield’s agitation due to his elevated body signs – contacted him. Claiming he was a peaceful visitor and that the meteorite was all that remained of his crashed ship – and he needed it to return home.

Whitfield’s ego flattered, he agrees to steal the ‘spaceship remains’ – not knowing he will deliver to the Dalek a very potent weapon.

Stuck between Torchwood, and the Dr Whitfield/Dalek plot – can the Doctor and his companions unravel what’s going on and save the day!

The Domino Effect

What if the Doctor, being chased through time ‘disturbed’ the fabric of the Universe.

The Daleks want the TARDIS, and using their crude Time Travel Technology have built a scanner that can track the TARDIS so they know where the TARDIS will be before it lands there. Although the Daleks attempted this in the first Doctor Story “The Chase” – they never tried pre-empting the Doctors Movements - each time the TARDIS lands, the Daleks are waiting for the Doctor – and chaos ensues.

At some point, the Doctor will come to the conclusion that only by “programming a random destination” into the TARDIS’s guidance circuits will he have any chance at all of avoiding another immediate conflict with the Daleks.

The TARDIS then lands in 21st Century London, and it’s changed – totally different. It’s up to you as the GM what’s different, but lay it on so thick that the Doctor and his companions have little or no choice but to try and put things right.

Simply put, the Doctor will have to travel to each Time Zone earlier visited and deduce what changed at each event point – and put it right. Whilst avoiding himself, and the Daleks!

Even though I’ve included it as a “Short Trip” the Domino Effect COULD form the basis of a whole campaign!

Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.

This “Short Trip” could be used either as a Torchwood story or as a Doctor Who story; it’s entirely up the Games Master.

Mary a young single mother is tormented by dreams of fairies – not the cute little glowing balls of light associated with children’s stories – but rather the dark, dangerous, and sinister kind as seen in the Torchwood Series One Story “Small Worlds“.

A strong smell of flowers, things seen out of the corner of Mary’s eye – it’s obvious these creatures are growing nearer and stronger – and they want Mary’s unborn child.

It becomes more and more apparent that these evil little folk cannot be stopped (as before) and the only way to save Mary’s baby is to go back in time and stop the Baby even being conceived – but does Mary, and the Doctor – have that right . . . . .

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