Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sorry for the delay in posting, but I've had the norovirus for the last week and have been really REALLY ill.

I've finally 'updated' the Character sheet with the new 2010 Doctor Who Logo - the background is (unfortunately) darker, to match the new Logo and I've gone with a more 'friendly' to look at 'blue' colour scheme rather than the (IMHO) harsher red of the official character sheet.

All images and Logos are used without permission, so DL it whilst you can its quite possible the BBC might take offense and force me to take it down.

Doctor Who RPG 2010 Logo Character Sheet Download Page


Tallgeese said...

Glad you are back in action!

Medicus Qui said...

Many Thanks Tallgeese - you're a gent!

Allen said...

Your sheet is great!

Medicus Qui said...

Thanks for that, Im glad you like it!