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FINALLY we get an Episode that really is Doctor Who - Victory of the Daleks was close (excepting the HUGE mistake over the Doctor not really understanding about Humans and Love, when of course he did because he had such strong feelings for Rose) - but "The Time of Angels" really had it (for me at least).

Even with such a RIDICULOUSLY strong Character like River (her parents must have really hated her, don't you think - you have a sirname like "Song" and your bloody parents christen you "River") - who for a moment LOOKED like she was going to dominate the Doctor totally, luckily it was portrayed that way to counterpoint how much River knows about the Doctor, and to give them the "feel" of an old married couple.

There were even a couple of cracking jokes, my faves being - "Quite right, environment checks - Nice Out" and "So I'm going to be a Professor" actually made me laugh out loud!

Amelia looks FINALLY set to suffer in this story (its what companions are for LoL) - the scene with her and the video screen Angel really ratchetted up the tension (and its a great idea that images of an Angel BECOME Angels), whilst the horror of the powdered stone falling from her rubbed eye made you wonder what else is going to be thrown her way in the second part.

The "Maze of the Dead" had plenty of the familiar clich├ęs of dark sinister labyrinthine tunnels containing horrors (enough to rattle the kids and keep the grownups interested) which the few plucky heroes have to face (I liked the idea of the Military Clerics - it appeals to the AD&D fan in me), and the suspense was really well maintained IMHO.

The revelation that ALL of the statues were actually Angels in various stages of starvation was genuinely surprising!

I am starting to wonder whether this could be the 11th Doctors "Tomb of the Cybermen". His rant to the Angels that you should never put him in a trap was a FANTASTIC way to close the episode, and his shooting of the gravity globe was a great twist on the cliffhanger, and left me genuinely curious as to exactly what will happen in the next Episode.

Like I said, FINALLY . . . . .

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Tallgeese said...

The ending (and the entire episode for that matter) was quite good. I was shocked that the episode was over: "What!?!"

Makes me wonder how to create aliens that are as interesting and deep as the angels in my own DW: AITAS RPG scenarios.

The killer about the angels is the implication that they are the results of The Singularity (indeed given how they can reproduce through their images, how could it be otherwise?).

Glad you are back on the blog!