Sunday, 30 May 2010


Now one of the most respected and powerful women in Pulp City, Androida came a really long way.

Ten years ago, she was the only perfect AI to walk the Earth. Unfortunately, the breakthrough discovery was kept secret, deep in the laboratories of the insane scientist, Dr. Van Der Beek.

The hideous man gave Androida the spark of life just for one reason: to satisfy his broken lust. Thus one of the most brilliant inventions of a human mind served as a degraded sex toy.

Guilt and shame were never a part of Androida’s matrix, the revelation came when during the Heavy Metal’s raid on Van Der Beek’s laboratory, a major power surge downloaded most of the internet’s content into the female’s android.

With consciousness came fury and the violent need to take revenge for years of humiliation. Ironically, Van Der Beek died in the arms of his dream woman, his thorax crushed. With the blood of her creator on her hands, Androida swore to protect humankind.

Just a couple of weeks ago, when Heavy Metal confronted the new threat in town, Nuke, Androida realized that the malign nuclear Supreme knew about things that were meant to be buried in the grave of Van Der Beek.

The dead don’t rest in Pulp City and Androida is dead keen on solving the puzzle.

Today Androida is a first non-human PhD teaching at Pulp City University. In fact, she has a double degree in Computer Science and Gender Studies. A fighting and emancipated feminist, she turned down a modeling contract from Tirelli. Not even the chance of being the star of their prestigious and artsy calendar tempted her to leave the university.

In Heavy Metal, Androida acts often as a public relations person, while on battlefield she employs her tremendous speed and cunning mind.

I wanted her to look like one of the "Metal Men" from the old DC Comic - so it was solid metals; and even though there are three shades of silver on her (and a couple of glazes) she is pretty boring looking.

So, I "pimped" her base . . . .

All it took was some Waterslide Transfer Inkjet Paper (and some editing software to make the images the correct size) and then some judicial painting to make them look right compared to the rest of the model.

Its a fairly simple (but effective) technique, I plan to put a transfer on Solars "can" on his base at some point too.

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