Thursday, 27 May 2010

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One of my personal selection of Heroes comes from the "Ultraverse", a series of Comics originally produced by Malibu and eventually bought out (and pretty much killed off) by Marvel.

Marvel actually weren't that bothered about the Titles, the rumour was they wanted Malibu's then-groundbreaking in-house coloring studio's secrets.

In actuality they bought Malibu out of fear, DC Comics had been in negotiations to buy Malibu as far back as 1994.

The Ultraverse was much like our real world, but in which a variety of characters - known as "Ultras" had super-human abilities.

While it was not as popular at the time as Image Comics or Valiant Comics were, the Ultraverse was a rich a fascinating place - with some great characters. Two of my personal Favourites were Hardcase and Mantra.


A struggling actor, Tom Hawke's luck drastically changed after being struck by the "Jumpstart Effect", a burst of energy from the Entity, the ancient alien spaceship responsible for most of the world's Ultra's. Gaining superhuman strength and durability, Tom realized that he wanted more than short term success. Fraught with guilt over the death of members of his original Super Team, "The Squad" Hardcase forms "Ultraforce" in an attempt to not only right wrongs - but to finally bury his own personal ghosts.


An eternal warrior named Lukasz and his compatriots had been fighting the villain Boneyard for centuries: whenever an individual soldier dies, his soul would be placed in a new body, and take up the fight once more. In the 1990s, Lukasz' leader Archmage was betrayed and captured, leading to the permanent death of most of the warriors and a final reincarnation for one, Lukasz himself: to his shock, Lukasz was put into the body of a woman, Eden Blake.

In addition to being forced to deal with life as a woman, Lukasz also faces the challenges of Eden's life — her two children and her ex-husband (for some really funny moments).

These two examples show how imaginative a lot of the Ultraverse concepts were, I'm glad I collected these - because they really are gems now.

The Ultraverse, gone but not forgotten - not for me anyway.


darth tater said...

I used to love the Ultraverse stuff! Especially Prime and Mantra....Nightman (I think it was) was also cool.
Need to go dig them out now and give 'em a look over!

Doctor Warlock said...

DID YOU KNOW - there was even a Nightman TV Show?