Friday, 28 May 2010

A Golden Age Reborn

One of the things I really enjoy about Pulp City is the "quirkiness" of the Supremes created for the Game.

Barring a few exceptions which very-much fit into the Modern Super-Hero genre, Hero's such as Solar, Iron Train, Trail, Red Riding Hoodoo, Ace of Wraiths, and Dead Eye (who's a Super-Powered Flash Gordon if ever I saw one) are wonderfully reminscent of the sort of Heroe's found in the Golden Age of Comics - quirky every one and absolute gems every one.

Pulp City Villains such as Dr. Tenebrous and Mourn are so "Old School" in their appearance and style it can't help but make me smile each and every time I look at them. (Sometimes when I look at Tenebrous I can hear him do the "Evil Villain Laugh")!

Fellow Pulp City Fan and Blogger Leon made mention of Project Superpowers on his Blog.

Project Superpowers is a Golden Age inspired tale produced by Dynamite Entertainment - I had all but forgotten about these, but seeing mention of them on Leons Blog prompted me to dig out the Graphic Novel (the collected 1st story arc, issues 0-7) and re-read it.

It's got such a great look and feel to it, and the story is superb - its just more fuel for the Pulp City fire I have burning in my belly (if you get me).

I'm not saying Modern comics don't have any worth or a place in my own comic-book philosophy, far from it - but its nice to go back to more traditional values when it comes to my Super-Hero reading (something Marvel are returning to if you read this article "Marvel: The Heroic Age" - something that IMHO is LONG overdue) even though the often cynical Hellboy remains one of my all time favourite Titles and Characters.

So dear readers - don't forget the Old School Golden Age Heroes, because without them as the frontrunners for our much loved genre - we might not have what we do today.

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