Thursday, 27 May 2010

Pulp City Planet

Welcome to "Pulp City Planet" so named after the "newspaper" of the Pulp City Miniatures game universe.

Why yet another Miniatures Game Blog - quite simply because Pulp City deserves it. In my humble opinion its one of the best (if not the best currently available) Skirmish Miniatures games on the market - and as so deserves such loyalty and support!

What will I be writing about - the Pulp City Miniatures game (don't expect the usual endless line of painted miniatures pictures, I'm not that fast a painter) but expect write-ups and scenarios, Super Hero Movies and TV, Comics reviews occasionally (though my masses of Comic buying days are over - I simply don't have the room LoL - I generally only buy graphic novels these days), and Role-Playing notes for Super-Hero Games set in the Pulp City Universe.

Eventually the Blog will link to a Website I am designing (more on that as I finish things) so there is plenty to do!

Now in an effort to break my own rule about not posting enless pictures of my own painted miniatures, here is Solar - a Pulp City Hero!

Introducing - SOLAR

Johann Sonnenbrandt inherited much more than any mortal could ever spend in his life. But he was trying really hard. Heir to a Bavarian beer brewers family, he chose the easy life of a playboy and a thrill seeker. As a young adult he left Munich and headed for the place where winters were more kind – Pulp City.

Residing in his luxurious yacht in the Marina, surrounded by crowds of gorgeous women, Johann’s vanity was unmatched. Until the day at a gala opening of an exhibition, he met Jenny Vale, the first woman ever that resisted his personal charm… and the call of money. Meeting this young and smart curator changed his life forever since she demanded that Sonnenbrandt stopped playing somebody who he was not.

She sensed that behind the mask of gold there was a caring soul.

Johann followed Jenny to an excavation in Latin America, and his persistence and ability to shed his wealth and live like a common person slowly won the heart of a beautiful archeologist. It was when they found a twin chamber in the temple dedicated to Ahau Kin, the storm broke! Jenny’s discovery was much more than a momentary sensation deserving a cover on American Geographic, it was literally a key to a cosmic power. As soon as the door was opened, masked special ops raided the site silencing all protests with bullets. Jenny and Johann barred the door to the chamber from within and when it seemed that their blood would wash the ancient floor, the young playboy prayed to whatever power might hear him at the moment. Suddenly, guided by some mysterious intuition, Johann grabbed the crown that adorned the statue of Ahau Kin. The door burst open in the same moment as bolts of immaculate light shot from Johann’s hands and annihilated all opposition in a blinding flash. Appalled by the sight of the smoldering corpses of the attackers, Jenny silently left and never said a single word to Johann again. He knew that though he was her savior, they would never be together after that. The solar power he now held was his curse as well.

He took the mantle of Solar to wash the guilt off of his soul. Promising he’d never take another human life, Solar patrols the streets of Pulp City day and night, a loner constantly brooding over what might have been and will never be. Recently Solar and his only long time companion, Stalk, are on the heels of the cultists that help Stygian to wake up the Forgotten.

Even Solar is not fully aware of his powers. The ability to call the Sun to his aid seems almost unlimited but thoughts as dark as the moonless night stalk his head more often and often. What additional price will the Mayan artifact demand from him?

I went for similar (though not exactly the same) colours as the Pulp City studio model, as I wanted to limit the palette - which I felt created a more dramatic effect.

More tomorrow!


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