Thursday, 10 June 2010

The 60's Continued - The Green Hornet

The Green Hornet TV Show was produced by the ABC television network in the USA. It aired for just one Season in 1966-1967 television season and starred Van Williams as the Green Hornet/Britt Reid, and great Bruce Lee as Kato.

Inspired by the success of the Batman TV Show, ABC brought The Green Hornet  to television in 1966-67 - unlike Batman the TV version of The Green Hornet was played straight

But even though there was considerable interest in Bruce Lee, the show was cancelled after just one season.

However - the rise of Bruce Lee to becoming a major movie star ensured continued interest in the property tothe present day.

Bruce Lee's popularity in Hong Kong (where he was raised) was such that the show was marketed there as The Kato Show.

The Green Hornet and Kato also made appearances in the Batman series.

I've only watched a couple of these - and for a simple reason - they're pretty dull to be honest.

If you are a hard-core Green Hornet fan - watch it, if not - I wouldn't bother.

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