Tuesday, 1 June 2010

About Projects

One of the things I am working on at the moment are some Pulp City-Style Heroes that are based in the UK - eventually all this information will be found on a Pulp City "Fansite" Pulp City UK.

I'm trying to keep the quirky feel that I like from the already existing Pulp City lineup, whilst (at least attempting to) keep them fresh.

Another thing that is important, is the use of existing figures - I didn't want to make use of too many conversions - whilst I am comfortable with converting miniatures, I know a lot of people have difficulties with it.

Seemingly a tall order I know, but something I am working to achieve at the moment.

So, without further ado - here are the first two in my list of Characters - with a "potted history" of each one.

The Great Monroe (Level 1 - Mystery - Hero)

Karl Monroe had always wanted to be a Magician, the thought of performing amazing Illusions live in front of an audience filled him with trepidation and excitement. But Karl had been born with a nerve disorder in his hands, that left him with only the most basic of manual skills.

So, he resolved to become an expert on Stage Magicians and Magic - becoming so respected he was even accepted into the Magic Circle.

Then one day, at an auction of Magical Paraphanalia in London - he encountered the Hat . . .

According to the auction brochure, the Top Hat had once belonged to the Great Houdini himself - Karl new he had to own it, that it had to be part of his collection.

As the Hat was brought out to be viewed, Karl could swear it was glowing ever so slightly - drawing his attention even more intently.

For some reason no-one else seemed even interested, so Karl got the Hat at its starting price.

Over the next few nights, Karl was plagued by dreams that the Great Houdini was attempting to communicate with him from beyond the grave - till one morning he awoke to find a spectral Houdini sitting on the end of his bed holding the Hat.

He wanted Karl to take ownership of the Hat, not only would it give him all Houdinis skills and talents - but it would actually enable Karl to affect the minds of people, so they would see (and believe) what Karl wanted them too.

But Karls new found abilities came at a price, Houdini wanted Karl not only to become a great Magician - but to help fight the evils of this world.

And so the Great Monroe was born . . . .

The Great Monroe can be "represented" by using the Miniature - 'Merlock the Magnificent' (Code 50124 from the Reaper Chronoscope Range)

The Invisible Man (Level 2 - Science - Hero/Villain)

What a lot of people don't know, is that H.G. Wells story "The Invisible Man" is based upon real events of the time - events that were witheld from the Papers and covered up by the Police.

When Charles Griffin was killed in a hail of gunfire in the Autumn 1896 (just one example of the divergence from the Wells Tale, Griffin was beaten to death by Navvy's in the book) his body was interred in the Vaults of the British Museum under lock and key.

As Griffins body had remained invisible even after his death, the authorities were worried about the press getting a hold of the story - so rather than bury him publicly he was simply stored away and the details of the whole affair suppressed, in theory forever.

A little over a year ago, something within the bowels of the British Museum stirred. Over a hundred years of stewing in the chemical juices of his own creation somehow regenerated Griffins body, and he returned to life in a world so very different from the one he was used too.

No longer permanently deranged, the regenerative qualities of the chemicals had repaired the damage caused by the initial dose of the invisibility formula - he awoke to find he also had additional powers. He can now bend lightwaves to his will, using them to create a wall of force - and even (with concentration) projecting it outwards as a weapon.

The newly awoken Charles Griffin not only resolved to find a reverse agent for his invisibilty, but to repay his debt to society by fighting crime and injustice in this "brave new world".

Unfortunately, nothing is quite as straightforward as any of us think its going to be - and whenever Charles sleeps, his deranged personality once more takes a hold - and the evil Griffin takes to the night . . . . . . .

Charles Griffin, the Invisible Man can be "represented" by using the Miniature - 'Invisible Man' (Code 50079 from the Reaper Chronoscope Range)

More UK Hero writups soon!

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