Monday, 14 June 2010

Ace Of Wraiths

Finally finished him, despite A - Having to paint at my Fathers where the lighting and seating isn't what I'm used to at home and B - Sneezing for hours because of the Farmland at the bottom of my Dads garden (I HATE having hayfever).

Still he's finished shakey lines and all!

I've tried to put as much detail on as I could, the backs of the cards on the base - the detailing on his armour etc.

And I managed to get some interesting detail on the Cards in his hand -

You will note the "Ace" at the front of the cards he is carrying is actually a Grim Reaper Design - thanks to the Inkjet Transfer paper technique I mentioned before.

The image was so damn small the "Ace" symbol (that should have been in the top left corner of the card) didn't print! I even managed (albeit shakily - the lines look MUCH better on the table) to paint mulitple cards in his gloved hand as I felt it too thick on the model to be just one card.

I deliberately did the "Wraiths" on his base Cartoony (before someone else asks LoL) because I had steered away from Comic-Book Colours on Ace himself - and still wanted the "Super Hero Comics" feel.


darth tater said...

Great job on Ace mate! :)

Doctor Warlock said...

Glad you like him, I'm feeling pretty crappy atm - COMPLETELY screwed up Vector to the point of having to strip the paint off :(

darth tater said...

Oh no! Hope you get back on track mate :)

Doctor Warlock said...

My hands were REALLY bad last night, so it was a case of rebasing Vector and trying to clean up the West Wind Cops so they actually look like something LoL. Thanks for the concern btw.