Monday, 14 June 2010

AE-WWII - A First Step

So, here I go again - a new Game.

Its a thing I've been watching for some time - Darkson Designs "AE-WWII" - the main problem I've had is finding a source for them in the UK (much the same problem I've had with Pulp City).

So I finally invested in some AE-WWII from Allsorts Imporium here in the UK (Arcane Miniatures being another Stockist but neither have the sort of selection I would like).

What did I go for - a German Geneticists Starter Force and a pack of two German Feuersoldats. Just a small start - I've started with the Germans for two reasons -

1 - If I buy Allied models first, I will paint them and leave the Germans alone for ages - I can't be having that, I have to be discplined with my spending or I end up with a pile of metal (again).

2 - Its the only Starter Force out of the Yanks and the Nazi's I could get my hands on this side of the pond FFS!

Being as I have a real big fetish for Golden Age Superheroes - I supposed I had better come up with a couple of ideas for some German √úbermensch now too!

Especially considering Darkson have released rules for Super's in their games - Over the Wire #15 (Super Heroes in AE-WWII)

So, its just a case of waiting for my Miniatures to arrive and then decide what format to get the Rules in.

I could go the PDF format (as no bugger in the UK stocks the damn rules) to save a little money (S&H on Books from the USA is generally a pain) - but I prefer Hard Copies of my Rulebooks!

I'll leave you with a thought, if you were to have a German Super Villain in your AE-WWII Games - who would it be.

The Red Skull, or something entirely new . . . . .


Alan said...

I've been looking at this myself recently, and wondering if its worth the effort! I wait for more Blogging with baited breath!

Captain said...

It was mentioned its hard to get in the UK, surely that means its going to be really difficult to find opponents too!