Monday, 21 June 2010

AE-WWII - German Feuersoldat (DSD GER008)

The German Feuersoldat (Fire Soldiers) are part of the German Genetisists Range for AE-WWII.

I must admit I was very impressed with both the casting and the selection of parts included in the Blister (two Bodies, three Heads, three pairs of Arms - you get two sets of Arms the same, and a third set thats different).

Though the detailing is nice, I did get the impression that the metal entered the mold a little on the hot side - the metal was very shiney and the detailing was a little "rounded" in places, but fortunately not so much that its a problem.

Quality - 8/10 - The lost a couple of points for the slight rounding of some of the detail, HOWEVER its a minor issue thats easily resolved in the casting process.

Packaging - 8/10 - Nothing special, basic "clam-shell" functionality. The insert is nothing to write home about, but the full colour picture of a Painted Feuersoldat on the reverse is usefull.

Concept - 10/10 - I really REALLY like the idea behind these, and theres nothing else even similar to these on the Market.

Choice - 10/10 - PLENTY of options, there are even arms holding Pitchforks! Excellent!

Overall - 9/10

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darth tater said...

They look pretty cool :)