Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Another UK Supreme

R.R.A.M. (Level 2 - Science - Hero)

Adam Daniels grew up obsessed with Science and Superheros, he poured over his Dads comic collection as a child - and excelled at all his work at School.

It surprised no-one that Adam grew up to be a progidy, and won a full scholarship to Oxford at the tender age of 14.

But like most child prodigies - Adam was not happy. He graduated with Honours at 19, with a triple Doctorate in Physics, Aeronautics, and Engineering - but he grew up not only starved of any social development, but his life was totally devoid of any excitement.

Then, he landed what would be a dream job for most people - head of R&D for Rolls Royce Civil Aerospace - given an almost unlimited budget, and was completely his own boss.

It was then he realized, that with this new freedom - could come new excitement.

He decided to turn himself into a Superhero, working day and night - farming out construction chores to different departments - even those in different plants and countries he constructed an Armoured Suit.

He designed and built the final components himself - the propulsion, navigation, and weapon systems. Then disaster struck, Adams Bosses found out what he was up to - but rather than being angry they seemed pleased with what he had been doing.

You see Rolls Royce were always looking for ways to increase their popularity in the publics eye, and having their own "Supreme" would be an excellent way of highlighting Rolls Royce and increasing their visibility.

So R.A.M.M. (the Rolls Royce Armoured Man) was born.

R.R.A.M. can be "represented" by using the Miniature - 'Afterburn' (Code 50107 from the Reaper Chronoscope Range)

PS - Don't worry about Reference Cards, they will be on the new Website along with more detailed write-ups of each UK Supreme.

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