Monday, 7 June 2010

Avenging Force - The Scarab

Anyone who knows me (or has been reading this blog) knows I am a Golden Age fan, so imagine my surprise when I came across a Movie with Golden Age Superheroes in it.

Brett Kelly Entertainment, the Canadian indie film production company responsible for such films as “My Dead Girlfriend”, “The Bonesetter” and “Prey for the Beast” is at it again.

The company has produced a super-hero action film Avenging Force - The Scarab, based on the public-domain Nedor Comics hero of the 1940’s. The film was directed by Brett Kelly and is written by Kelly and Trevor Payer.

Fans of these classic heroes can see them come to life with a lot of action and many great battle sequences, you can also expect to see appearances from other heroes and villains from the wonderful world of PD comics.

The world premiere of Avenging Force - The Scarab was a huge success.

The listed theatre was SOLD OUT and had to open a second theatre to accomodate the crowd, so it played on two screens simultaneously!

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