Thursday, 3 June 2010

Day Off

I have a Day Off today, NOTHING to do outside of read Comics, Paint, and maybe do a little writing.

With my Dad being so demanding on my time it doesn't happen very often, so I am REALLY looking forward to this.

My Kick-Ass GN came this morning too, oh joy!

HOPEFULLY Hellsmith will get finished today, I started his base last night - but the colours I chose were f'ing ugly together- so that needs to be changed. Whilst I am sorting that out I want to get Supreme Zed up to speed, and do a little more work on Nuclear Jones too.

I will endeavour to post the fluff for another Pulp-City UK Hero later "Captain Whitehart" if I can drag myself away from everything else fun I have to do today ;)

I also note from the Comics Publisher Poll, that only one person so far has voted for Image comics (and it wasn't me)  . . . . . .

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