Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Disaster Strikes

OK, thats a little over-dramatic - but I'm going for WW2 "Headlines" LoL!

I opened up my Package with a excitement and anticipation, only to find the German Geneticists Starter Force was mispacked!

I had two Mad Doktor Bodies and no German Officer/NCO Body - I'm absolutely gutted.

I can't even "bodge" a Conversion out of that, so I am now stuck - I have to wait for Allsorts Emporium to get back in touch.

I'm HOPING they can just send me the missing Body so I can at least make a start, rather than having to send the whole thing back and have to wait all over again!

Grrrr, its just typical of my Luck!


Haakon said...

I think you should directly take contact with Darkson Design, it will probably be more fast to get the replacement part.

darth tater said...

Oh no!
not a great start considering there's only half a dozen minis inside!

Doctor Warlock said...

+ Haakon, I've already been advised that by a friend over at the Darkson Forums - I think the lesson here is the same I learned with Pulp City - buy Direct!

Doctor Warlock said...

@ DT - the packaging is the standard plastic clamshell clear plastic box - its not sealed, so I don't know whats happened after it left Darkson - maybe someone somewhere along the line wanted two NCO Bodies?!?!?!?!