Monday, 28 June 2010

DIY Bases

Due to the fact I simply can't find the bases I want to purchase - I've gotten quite into doing Custom bases lately, and as I REALLY couldn't find anything suitable for my AE-WWII stuff - I had to do my own.

The whole thing started up really because I had some bits left over from a Tamya 1:48th scale brick walls set (I did a WWII display for a friend, he wanted his Dads platoon done in miniature and whilst he's a competant painter he is really bad at terrain).

Plus I'm a hoarder by nature, so the clippings and loose spares went in a tub for later - and later came sooner with my starting AE-WWII!

I made a base insert "Base" by cutting around a £1 coin (which are just the right size) on some Plasticard, and "blobbed" some Green Stuff in a small "mound" on the base - keeping the edges clean and tidy of stray Green Stuff. Whilst the GS was still soft and sticky, I pressed some bits of "wall" and strack bricks into the putty, tidying the edges as I went.

I left it to dry for 24 hours, and then "leaked" a few drops of the very runny Superglue into the joins where the plastic brick met the putty.

I left it again for another day, just to make sure there was no residual Superglue left that could mess things up.

I then mixed a load of Green Stuff up, lubricated the "masters" with cooking oil - and made press molds of each one (I made three different base inserts).

When the molds are set (24 hours in a dry warm place should do it) turn them out, and you are ready to make copies!

Make sure the molds are oiled, and press fressly mixed Greenstuff into each mold - only returning to them later (at least 8 hours in the warm).

When hard - simply clean up the putty around the "brickwork" - sand and PVA to taste (this gives a little variation between bases).

 I must admit I am very happy with the result, and am planning to do some more!


cheetahmaster said...

Very clever! Nice and clean design.

Doctor Warlock said...

I have a million ideas, and not enough hours in the day to execute them all LoL!