Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Gentleman

Its not a secret over at the official Pulp-City Forums that the Gentleman is my favourite Level 1 "Bad Guy".

Finally I get to field "Gentleman" Danny Ortega fully painted!

I decided upon a simple and efficient looking colour scheme - a dark grey business suit, a power red tie, with black leather gloves and shoes.

I know that Mister Ortega is supposed to be a fashion victim with an unreasonable amount of style - but brightly coloured suits don't really go with the "hitman" image IMHO.

I'm quite pleased with him, and I still have the Special Edition Gentleman (equipped with his Sniper Rifle) to paint if I want to go the more colourful route.

Next its a choice between Ace of Wraiths and Vector - as they are the two drawing my attention at the moment.


darth tater said...

he looks cool.
a black suit is still pretty stylish......
i'm painting vector and ace at the moment too! :)

Doctor Warlock said...

I know damn well I will start them both at the same time, its just which will I finish first LoL!

darth tater said...

Vector i'm doing "matrixy", green base with the circuit tracery light green up to bright yellow....Ace is being done as "ghost rider" :)

Doctor Warlock said...

AoW - not really sure yet - I want him to be a meeting of old and new "looks" (if that makes sense).

Vector is being done like the Concept Art - I really like it.