Thursday, 24 June 2010

German Genetisits Detachment

As anyone who knows the AE-WWII Rules is aware it uses a "points free" system for determining Forces.

Detachments are planned around a list of choices and upgrades, its quite refreshing and forces you to look at things more closely (and ask lots of questions LoL) when you first start planning your Army.

I decided upon an "Experimental Detachment" for my Germans, as I want to use at least two Abomination selections without sacrificing too many "selections" to upgrade my "Mad Doktor".

Elite Selection
SD Agent - Hero

Veteran Selection
Mad Doktor - Hero (Traded for a Green Selection)

Regular Selections
Wehrmacht Sniper
2 Wehrmacht Greatcoats - StG44's
2 Feuersoldat

Green Selection
3 Abgezhertsoldat

Special Orders

I've just got to finish painting the darn Miniatures now!

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