Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Something a bit different today (and a double post - as it applies to two of my Blogs), an RPG review.

For Fathers day I got a copy of Godlike - I would like to recommend it to anyone interested in Weird War Gaming - its really well done, and even has a few Surprises for an Old War-Horse like me.

GODLIKE is a role-playing game in which the players take the roles of Super-Human "Talents" fighting in World War II.

No bright spandex, no pulp machismo. In the grimmest conflict in history, ordinary men and women emerge who have the Talents their times demand — but who are still as vulnerable, and ultimately as expendable, as the ordinary troops in the foxholes.

This is definitely the "gritty" end of the Weird War spectrum, its like Heroe's in some respects - as the Talents (as they are called) are most definitely mis-understood on some levels.

GODLIKE ultimately succeeds because it successfully integrates superheroes into the history of the war in a believable way.

The system strikes me as unnecessarily deadly though, but thtats something a decent GM can sort out - but leaving the system "as  is" will interfere with any form of extended play - rendering campaign play redundant.

Overall though, I like it a great deal - and wouldn't hesitate to recommend Godlike to anyone looking for a WWII or Superhero RPG.

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