Sunday, 13 June 2010

Golden Age British Superheroes

One of the things I've been working on are a team of Golden Age British Superheroes, partly because of Darkson Designs releasing Supers rules for AE-WW2 but also because of the Website I am working on.

The team has been given a simple code-name by Churchill "Victory".

The Victory Team consists of the following members -

The Red, White, and Blue Bolt  - a Speedster with a typically British sense of Humour and a tendency to show off.

Bulldog Jack - all black uniform with a union jack motif (sort of a bad attitude Batman with a Gun).

Spitfire - a British Rocketeer/Commander Cody (complete with stiff upper lip).

The Golden Lion - he was Galahad in a previous life, resurrected by the Lady of the Lake and given "a superior advantage" to fight for England once again.

Captain Albion - who was part of MI5's Super Soldier program and has a "sidekick" - Buster!

I've still got to write a LOT more notes before proceeding any further with them, but its all part of the fun!!!!

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