Monday, 28 June 2010


In between trying to sort out my Internet, I've managed some hobby-stuff.

My first corrupted Cop is almost done (sorry about the fuzziness of the pictures, my hands are bad atm and I am shaking).

As you can see his uniform is quite dark, the normal Cops with have a different uniform (I reckon the corrupted ones come from a different disctrict LoL).

Also, I'm doing custom bases on the Cops - mainly because they look quite dull (grrr, West Wind sculpts aren't amongst my favourites).

The bases have been constructed out of a mixture of Plasti-Card, Green Stuff, and some synthetic Sand (which is meant for ornamental displays) I picked up a while ago. The nice thing about it is the granules are very regular in size - which means it can be used for textures that normal "hobby-sand" cannot. In this case its been painted as grass.

A couple more touches and the first one is done, then I just need to gloss the base edge.

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darth tater said...

Looks great, I like the base!