Saturday, 5 June 2010

A little of this, a little of that . . . . .

Started Nuke tonight, shouldn't take too long (in theory at least LoL), and got some more paint on Twilight!

I also cleaned up and based Sanguine, Draku, and C.O.R.E.

At least I now have a (reasonably) well painted Level 5 Hero Team -

Solar is a great all rounder (I've already expounded his Merits on the Pulp City Forum) - he's got good offence but not great.

A rating of 5 in his Attack is ok, but doesn't really match him to Hellsmith or Six Feet Under.

Likewise his ranged Combat is good, but again not great - I'm hoping to pull of some "team work" with Nuclear Jones

Solar is a great all rounder, but with his low (ish) Defense means you will have to keep him mobile - avoiding direct conflict with any strong Bruisers your opponent might field.

Nuclear Jones, like Solar is good all round - but his slightly lower Attack of 4 puts him at a disadvantage - but like Solar he can Levitate, which will help him stay out of the way.

I'm hoping to use Solars and Nuclear Jones powers in a way complements each other.

Lastly, Androidia - her "job" in the team is to worry, hamper, and aggravate at the oppsing team - distracting them as much as possible. This was (again hopefully) giving Solar and Nuclear Jones a chance to "gang up" on anything they can't handle individually!

Its an "OK" overall plan, and once my Level 5 Villains are finished I will hopefully be presenting a Battle Report (I've never done one before so please be kind LoL).


darth tater said...

ooooooooooooooh battle report!

p.s. great looking team!

Doctor Warlock said...

I'm kinda pooping myself over it tbh, I've written LOADS of hobby articles over the years - but NEVER a battle report!