Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Minions, Minions, Minions . . . . .

Do you know I STILL haven't got any bloody minions painted (excepting Draku) yet!

So, I have based up two of the West Wind "Road Kill" Cops - they were TERRIBLE to clean up. Miscast, loads of flash - and the metal is ridiculously soft (for those of you with Kids - BEWARE they have a very high Lead content).

Of course I still have a Pack of Pulp City Sentry Bots, and some Necro-GI's to go. But I have been looking around for "options" for other Minion Types.

Of course as far as Vigillantes go, we have the official Pulp City Miniatures - HOWEVER there are only two poses. So how about other alternatives?

The Spinespur range has "Thug" Packs, they come with a selection of Weapons - but ignoring the edged weapons if you use the Baseball Bat and Pipe - you have some "Dark" Vigilantes.

Spinespur Thugs

Hasslefree do a GREAT range of Adventurers that have a MYRIAD of uses for Pulp City Miniatures (and Heroes too potentially).

HFA036 "Baker" has different hand options, so can be given a hand weapon or a Pistol - so would be great as either Vigilante or a Hired Gun.

HFA045 "Joe" is a "classic" Punk, with a Baseball Bat - what more could you want!

HFA052 "Dynamic Ray" is a classic "Shaun of the Dead" dude with a Cricket Bat - excellent!

Last (but not least) in our Hasslefree Vigilante selection is HFA026 "Tony" and overweight (like me LoL) Dude with a Cellphone and a Golf Club!

Hasslefree also have a decent selection of miniatures that would be perfect for Hired Guns - for both Heroes and Villains!

Plus, they have this Dude - would he make a perfect Savage Dragon or what!

HFZ211 "Mutant Joe"

Moving on now to Copplestone Castings - they have a GREAT selection of Cops (which I wish I had bought now LoL), but they also have some fantastic Hired Guns - even some with a few surprises!

Copplestone Castings KKBB104 "Guards in Berets" From the "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" Range would make excellent Evil Hired Gun Minions.

They also produce a variant KKBB106 "Guards in Hard Hats" perfect to Guard the Villainous Supremes Secret Headquarters!

For the Heroes we have a decent selection over at Copplestone too, not only Cops but suitable Hired Guns.

From the Future Wars Range - the FW20 "Citizen Militia 1" & FW21 "Citizen Militia 2" would be perfect to represent your average "Joe" who's taken up arms to help in the fight against evil!

Artizan Designs have a couple of interesting bits and pieces too!

Their KKB204 "Guards" & KKB206 "Guards II" would make great "S.H.I.E.L.D." Type Hired Guns for your Good Guy Supremes!

Next Time I shall be looking at Terrain Options for your Games of Pulp City!


darth tater said...

Some great stuff there mate, Copplestone stuff is pretty awesome! I have quite a few Hasslefree figs, and still reckon the Scooby gang would make a great tam of minions! :)

Doctor Warlock said...

IM SO DOING a S.H.I.E.L.D. Crew for support of my Hero Supremes! I was thinking of using the Scoobie Gang as Civilians rather than using the Plastic Markers! I had a GREAT idea for a table actually, Doctor Tenebreous's Secret Lair - a proper "James Bond" secret base complete with his own Private Army!

darth tater said...

That sounds awesome! Complete with lab equipment and genetic canisters and stuff to throw about?

Doctor Warlock said...

Oh hell yea Lol!

My next big Hobby post will be about terrain, so I've been sourcing manufacturers of "suitable" items!

darth tater said...

Antenociti do a ton of cool "lab" type stuff, computer screens and stuff......

Doctor Warlock said...

Oh yes - they're on the list!

superherofigurehunter said...

Re: Minions, even though there are only two Vigilantes, other poses are not needed (unless you simply fancy using some different minis of course), since only 1 card of any Minion type can be fielded (there will be exceptions in the future of course, as well as thanks to Mysterious Man, but he can't use Vigilantes anyway...).

Doctor Warlock said...

That is (of corse) correct, BUT not everone likes fielding the same figures as everyone else or one might like a change. I actually didn't initiate this post - one of my readers suggested it.

Captain said...

superherofigurehunter why are you being an arse? The post was about choices and options not fielding armies of minions.