Saturday, 5 June 2010

The Phantom (2009)

Last night we watched the SyFy Mini-Series "The Phantom".

The reviews for it have been pretty scathing, so I was expecting the worst - but I was pleasantly surprised.

The official "Blurb" is as follows -

The legendary superhero returns in this modern-day and action packed miniseries event. When Kit Walker (Ryan Carnes) learns of his father's death, the adventurous young man inherits the mantle of his superhero father. As the new Phantom, the 21st in the Walker line, Kit vows to uphold and honor his ancestors' cIreed--to fight crime and injustice throughout the world.

Its not that bad, they update a lot of things, sometimes not always for the better - but its nowhere near as bad as a lot of those guilty "Net-Rage" are claiming. Its well cast, reasonably well acted, and has enough Action to keep you interested.

Is it the best SyFy Channel Mini-Series I've ever seen, no (I reserve that place for "Tin Man") - but it is in no-way the worst thing SyFy have ever produced either (that dubious honour goes to"Flash Gordon") - and it deserves a chance.

The Phantom (2009) - 

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