Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Sanguine & Draku

Stubborn Miniatures - any other painters familiar with this?

No matter what technique you use, how you tackle a paint job (colours, washes, dryrbrushing, etc) you just CAN'T get it looking how you want.

Hellsmith was guilty of this, but not as bad as Sanguine.

I've finally finished the THIRD attempt to get him how I wanted him!

The first was to dark, the second attempt was way too bright - now I'm done with the third and I'm relatively happy with him!

 Sanguine (Front)

Sanguine (Side)

 Sanguine (Back)

Draku (Front)

Draku (Side)

Finally both together - I love both these miniatures, they are both so simple and yet so nicely sculpted.

Draku was the most fun I've had painting anything - HE'S JUST SO DAMN CUTE!

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