Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Speedy Aside

Does anyone else like The Rocketeer (1991) or am I the only one.

I actually discovered the Rocketeer in 1989 at a Comic con - and instantly fell in love with the Character.

I enjoyed the film immensly too, and was suprised when it bombed at the Cinema (even though it generally received favourable reviews from the critics at the time) - however its got a real cult following now - and proved a LOT more popular with its VHS & DVD releases.

So - if you aren't familiar with it, or just haven't watched it for a while - give it a try - I'm sure you won't regret it!


Brian Lujan said...

I actually like this movie quite a bit. It was a good period piece, and very "pulpy" feeling. I'm actually REALLY glad that the director of this is doing the Captain America movie set in WWII. I think he can do a good job with that

Doctor Warlock said...

Absolutely AND Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull! Superb! Even Bucky is making an appearance this time around!

Rob Bresnen said...

I loved it. I havn't seen it for ages, but I would rate it very high. It even inspired me to do a Pulp rpg campaign using Spirit of the Century. I think it also featured the lovely Jenifer Conally.