Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Its a minor setback, I'm not going to let it put me off - I know what I want from my Hobby experience and to be honest the guys over at Darkson are incredibly supportive and helpful (and the Boss-Man likes the Blog apparently LoL) - so its not an issue.

I've dealt with Companies in the past that really REALLY don't give a "Monkey Fudge" about Customer Service once you have purchased a product and Darkson Designs aren't like that at all.

That tells me they care about what they are doing and have faith in their product, and I am no different.

The sculpts are far superior to their competitors for a start - and the poses aren't "static" either, you have far more options with an AE-WWII Miniature than any of its counterparts.

Right I'm going to have a go at sticking together the pack of two German Feuersoldats - pictures and review to follow!

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