Friday, 25 June 2010

USA ARPA Infantry Detachment

Not being one to wait, I've also ordered some Americans (FRP had a couple of price drops that were really good, plus their S&H is really reasonable).

Infantry Detachment Composition (1 Elite, 1 Veteran, 3 Regular, 3 Green)

Notes - Players have the option of removing two unit selections and exchanging each of them for the following: another unit selection of a lower Training Level, upgrade an additional Individual to a Hero, an additional Special Order, upgrade an existing unit’s TL by one (Green to Regular, etc). 

Elite Selection
Us Airborne Officer – Hero

Veteran Selection
ARPA Field Mechanic – Hero (Sacrifice 1 Green Choice)

Regular Selections
Buffalo Power Armour
US Airborne Sniper Regular
US Airborne Infantry Squad

Green Selection
Robot Trooper Squad

Special Orders
Artilery Support
Stand Your Ground (Sacrifice 1 Green Choice)

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