Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Weird War TV Special

Is there any Weird War TV? Well - sort of . . . . .

First this is a subjective discussion, what I feel "fits" the genre - might not be to anyone elses tastes or agreement. Even so its hard to avoid the obvious "Weird War" overtones.

Wonder Woman (Season One Only)

In season one of Wonder Woman all the action takes place during WW2, two of the Stories have distinct "Weird War" elements.

In "Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua" - Erica Belgard an animal behaviour specialist and Nazi agent, kidnaps a super-strong gorilla named Gargantua from his jungle home in order to recapture a defecting Nazi agent who is in American custody. Erica decides to use the gorilla's strength to defeat and capture Wonder Woman.

The two part story "Judgment From Outer Space" has an Alien arrive on Earth to study it and to convince the intergalactic council that the planet should not be destroyed because of World War II.

Doctor Who

Doctor Who has revisited the Second World War a few times, each outing has different elements some of which could quite easily be slotted into a AE-WWII/Weird War Game.

The 7th Doctor Story "The Curse of Fenric" has Haemovores (Vampires), a Cursed Relic, and (potentially) Ragnarok!

The 9th Doctor Story "The Empty Child" has "Emaciated Trooper" Like entities, maintained and controlled by futuristic micro-robots called "Nanogenes".

Finally the 11th Doctor Story "Victory of the Daleks" has, well - Daleks in it. Whilst not strictly "Weird War" the plot could quite easily be twisted to be some devious plot using some Nazi "Dark Science".

Goodnight Sweetheart

This BBC sitcom was set jointly in both the 1940s and 1990s. It ran from 1993 to 1999, and featured Nicholas Lyndhurst as Gary Sparrow, who stumbles upon a portal to the past. Throughout the series Gary travels between his modern day life, as a television repairman with a wife, Yvonne, and war-era East London, where he falls for pub landlady Phoebe. As the series continues, Gary becomes a bi-decade bigamist, also living a more affluent life in both eras.

OK - its not strictly Weird War - but its interesting to see the affect modern concepts have on the "Blitz" mentality, much like the introduction of Magick and advanced Technology affects the "History" of AE-WWII & Weird War Settings.

As I pointed out at the start of this post, its a fairly subjective view - BUT I have actually used the Plot (for example) of "The Curse of Fenric" in a Weird War game (heavily disguised of course) and I think it might make a good Table Top scenario too (I'll have to put some more thought into that).

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