Monday, 5 July 2010

AE-Bounty - Movie Games

Something a little different today, a bit of "chatter" about AE-Bounty - Darkson Designs new Sci-Fi Miniatures Game.

Alien Encounters - Bounty is a science-fiction miniatures game set in the distant future of a galaxy shattered by greed. Players pit bounty hunters, mercenaries and pirates against one another in an effort to eke out a living among the chaos of the galaxy. The game is intended for use with the Darkson Designs line of AE-Bounty ‘true’ 28mm models but is compatible with any 1/48 scale models or miniatures.

One of the things that really struck me about AE-Bounty is its flexibility and potential - I've even played a game using my Vor: The Maelstrom miniatures (anyone remember that).

But being a HUGE Sci-Fi TV & Movie nut, the temptation to bring some of my favourite Universes to the table was really REALLY tempting.

It was all set-up in a "quick and dirty" way no faffing around - just make a few notes and have at it.

Star Trek

Federation vs. Klingons (as I don't have large numbers of the other races LoL)

For the Federation types, we used the Pirates Types - Captain, First (Mate) Officer, and Crewmen. Further modified by Racial Templates.

For Example - Humans and other Human-Like races (Bajorans, non-joined Trill, or even Bolians) we just used the Human modifications, Vulcans (Logicians), Tellarites (Devon) - it was just a case of agreeing amongst ourselves at the time what "fitted" each race the best.

For the Klingons we used the Bounty Hunters, but we modified them all as if they were Arges. The Blooded Warrior Hero type is also very appealing when re-creating Klingon Warriors.

Star Wars

The Basic "Classic Era" Troops were the easy part.

We took the Empire as Mercenaries, the Rebels as Pirates, and the Bounty Hunters as (guess what) Bounty Hunters!

Alien Races wise everybody went wild with this one (as you can imagine) - and due to the nature of the Star Wars Universe, no-one really gave a hoot as we didn't want it to get in the way of the fun.

Jedi were a bit trickier - but thankfully DD had already come to the rescue with the AE-WWII Superhero Rules from OTW #15!

We used the Bounty Hunter "Head Taker" profile for Jedi along with with the following Super Hero traits - Perfect Weapon, Swashbuckler (the Bonus only applies to his Lightsaber), Out of Nowhere He Arrives, and Servant of a Higher Power.

The Servant of a Higher Power gives the Jedi the ability to avoid damage on a 5+ - which nicely represents the amazing Jedi Reflexes!

We treated Lightsabers as Swords with the +1 Str bonus that a Shock Glove gives - and it seem's to work nicely. Giving the Jedi an "edge" (no pun intended) without being overly powerful.

Hero-Type choices in all these sort of Games is (and quite rightfully so if you ask me) a matter of individual taste - all I recommend here is to "keep it real" in the respect it fits well with the milieu your games are set in - but don't let the minutia of things get in the way of playing your games!

My Star Wars "Bounty Hunter" Two Man Crew is (so far) Undefeated - when my opponent first saw me put out Boba Fett and Bossk on the table their expression told me I had an advantage ;) (even if it was only a psychological one).

So, thats how it was done - I do want to return to this idea at some point and do some AvP games. I have all the Leading Edge Miniatures and a selection of "not" Predators (and no damn Hero-Clix in sight anywhere).

I know one of the Guys over at Darkson Designs has been thinking about a WWII game with Alien visitors in it - Zone Troopers anyone?


darth tater said...

You got the aebounty rules?

Doctor Warlock said...

Yes Mate ;)