Saturday, 17 July 2010

AE-Bounty & Stuff

Its been around a week since my AE-Bounty stuff was posted from the States, so I am eagerly awaiting their arrival (and getting more excited by the minute).

After they arrive I need to work out what I need for AE-WWII (outside of Rulebooks, I am planning/playing games from the PDF of the core rules and I don't have the Occult Supplement yet) - its mainly a German Heavy Weapon Team and some American G.I's (even though I could quite happily "proxy" the G.I's from the 1:48th Tamiya plastics I have - I'm a purist and want the "official" miniatures).

THEN I just need to get my painting "up to speed" again, I've had a few weeks off with one thing an another - my Friend Chris (the British Druid) & Darth Tater knows about the problems I've been having, and my left hand has been impossibly painful!

So, loads to do atm - and I wouldn't have it any other way :)


darth tater said...

I appear to have missed all this talk about aebounty......Can't believe you've grabbed another new game! lol

Doctor Warlock said...

Why du think I only play skirmish games :D