Sunday, 25 July 2010

AE-Bounty Update

The AE-Bounty stuff Linda (my Mrs) bought me as a "cheer me up" pressie turned up - unfortunately with a £12.73 Customs Fee.

The Book is lovely, the A5 Format is really handy and the typeface is clear and easy to read.

I got the "Gunfighter" dude with two Pistols as the freebie with the Pre-Order on the book, and Linda also got me Nikkar (the "Wookie" look-alike) and Limax(the tallk fishy/slug dude).

My own actual order hasn't turned up yet - really REALLY annoying considering it was Shipped at the same time!

I've decided to base them on Fenris Games "Sulaco" Bases, not because I don't like the AE-Bounty base inserts - I do, but because I want them all to match and I won't have enought base inserts to do everything I have coming!

I cleaned up and based the three miniatures I have, and intend to fill the joints this evening.

I have to impress the sculpts and casting was spot on again, with no flash to speak of.

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