Thursday, 29 July 2010

Back on the Horse

I'm painting again, my haitus was wierd - it was partly because of my left hand being so painful, and partly because of spending so much time with my Dad.

I started up painting again with some Malifaux miniatures, but they don't "flow" as easily for me as the Pulp City range does.

So, last night I carried on with Six Feet Under - and even though I am not 100% happy with his skin/muscles (I always tend to over-shade muscles and skin) I'm finding it much easier and the flow (of ideas and thoughts) is there (if that makes any sense at all LoL).

I ordered my Silverager & Le Murtiple and Skyline & Jade Hawk packs last night. As Apebot and Virus are currently OOS (there's been a rush in A.R.C. sales of late - I wonder why LoL) I added a Chimp Chi as well - so my own A.R.C. are underway now, a little sooner than I initially had thought!

One of the things I wanted to add to my A.R.C. are some Hired Gun Minions - but I wanted them to look right. Then I remembered my Gangs of Mega City One Miniatures. There is hope for all the A.R.C. Players out there!

A while ago Mongoose released an Ape Gang, and though they were discontinued for a while - but now they are slowly re-releasing the GOMC1 Miniatures for their new Judge Dredd Miniatures Game!

So far they have only re-released the Chimp with the Pistol and the Gorilla in a Dress - but I would imagine all of them will be re-released eventually.

If you wanted a more "classy" look to your Hired Guns (or maybe even an Ape Version of the Gentleman), they have just re-released the Gorilla Gangster -

Another cracking miniature that will surely be of use to most (if not all) A.R.C. Players!

Priced at just £2.00 each they are reasonably priced - HOWEVER I must warn you that Mongoose tend to be a bit high on the S&H IMHO, so try and order in Bulk!

Finally cleaned up and re-based Supreme Zed, so thats good. I will be undercoating him this afternoon, and slapping some paint on him tonight!

Still loads to do!

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darth tater said...

good call on the mongoose monkeys!