Thursday, 29 July 2010

A Bit of a Rant

Two for freaking two - £13.35 Customs charge this time!

My AE-Bounty and AE-WWII purchases with have to stop until I can find a European stockist - I simply can't afford to lose £13 a time whenever I order anything from the Online store.

Its not just DD either, its happened whenever I've ordered from a US Based Online Store - no matter what the company! 

I'm starting to think the Customs Tossers over here LOOK for the box ticked "Webstore Order" - thinking "How can I ruin someones day". 

Its pretty pathetic when you think about it, there are so many people in the UK flaunting Customs Laws - flogging duty free Cigarettes & Booze on their doorsteps to anyone who might knock the door (theres actually one guy who does it in my Street) - and yet, they never seem to get any hassle.

I'm not on my own with regards to AE-Bounty either - a guy in Denmark paid a £20 customs fee, and another guy in the UK got hit for £15.50!

If we were buying in Perfume or other such "luxury" items I could understand the need to check them, BUT ITS FRICKING TOY SOLDIERS!

Its a shame too, the Bounty range is lovely and I still need some more AE-WWII Miniatures to fill in a few more "slots" on my second Detachments for both my Germans and Yanks - PLUS I really wanted the Occult supplement to get started on my Brits!

Oh well.

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