Saturday, 3 July 2010


Great news for the DC Comics/Super-Hero RPG Fans out there, Green Ronin are soon releasing an RPG based upon their award winning Mutants and Masterminds rules - but set in the DC Universe!

The official "blurb" states -

Join the never-ending battle for truth and justice in the world's greatest super-hero universe, using the world's greatest super-hero roleplaying game! The DC ADVENTURES Hero's Handbook is a complete super-hero RPG, based on the award-winning Mutants & Masterminds system. Take on the roles of legendary DC heroes like Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman, or create your own! Get started right away with a wide selection of hero archetypes, or build from scratch using a comprehensive creation system. The Hero's Handbook provides everything you need for hours of adventure in the DC Universe, including all the rules of the game, an overview of the original comic- book setting, and details on major heroes and villains, complete with game information. It's all presented in gorgeous full-color, with art by some of DC's most famous illustrators. Experience super-hero adventure in the world that defined the genre: Become a hero of legend with the DC ADVENTURES Hero's Handbook!

Its going to be released in Print and PDF too - which is a boon as far as I am concerned!

WIth Cover Art by Alex Ross - I really can't wait for this to come out!

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