Monday, 19 July 2010

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon is returning to the big screen, this time interpreted by "The Crazies" Director Breck Eisner.

Flash Gordon originally appeared as a Newspaper comic strip created and drawn by Alex Raymond in the 1930s. The strip was first adapted to the screen in the form of the 1930's Buster Crabbe serials, and was finally made into a lavish film in the 1980's starring Sam Jones (but possible more remembered for its muscial score byt the seminal rock band Queen).

The new version goes back to strips from '30s and we will update those - whilst shooting the movie as if the strips were drawn for todays audience. It will be an action and adventure sci-fi - or so Eisner claims.

Even thought the first Film is being produced as a stand-alone entity, it is envisioned as becoming a franchise!

If its any good, one can live in hope!

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