Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Great News & Some Thoughts

Great news about the Sun's story about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who after next Season, the Telegraph reports that Karen states its simply not true - and that we have Matt for some time yet!

I for one am really REALLY pleased, I was actually getting a little sick of David Tennants Doctor (to be frank I felt Christopher Ecclestones 9th Doctor was much better) with all the Frankie Howard silly voices ("Yow Beautieah" - being possbly the most annoying thing I have EVER had to witness of TV in recent years, thank the White Guardian Matt has only said it once) - AND I am not ALONE in this either, check out this article by Michael Deacon.

And having seen footage of Tennant doing Shakespear, he's not too good doing the classics either. Some Actors let their Ego's get in the way of thier portrayals - I suspect Mr Tennant can be one of these.

Thats not to say I didn't enjoy a lot of his "stay" on Doctor Who, the 2008 Series with the Wonderful Catherine Tate as Donna is my favourite Season - I was SO glad they put all that soppy lovey dovey crap to one side (at least for 11 Episodes) Martha had moved on, the Doctor and Donna's relationship was one of great friends - plus we got several Episodes with the amazing Bernard Cribbins!

Moving onto the future, Matt is going to be amazing in the Role IMHO - I actually think he's slowly rising to the top of my Favourite Doctors list (I was talking to the lass who lives next door to us about this - Haulwen, she's a huge Doctor Who fan too)  - Matt though young, doesn't play his Doctor as a young man at all - but rather as an Older Man in a young mans body.

Its quite impressive for such a young actor to pull that off when you stop and think about it.

I'm STILL cleaning up the iDaleks off the Doctor Who Adventures Magazine - they are quite hard going to be frank, they are quite obviously toys untill the are cleaned up - reassembled - and undercoated.

Initially I will be painting some Red Drones, they will later be joined by a Yellow Eternal as their "Leader".

I also have some "Steampunk" Daleks (the Bronze ones) - I think they were from a Board-Game. Cast in rigid styrene, these need little or no cleaning up - just a little filling. I have six of these - so I shall be doing 5 "Classic Bronze", and (possibly) a Black Dalek.

Made a start on my Heresy "not" 9th Doctor, and will be ordering the Crooked Dice "not" Rose soon to go with him.

My Resin Police Boxes (two opaque and one clear) haven't shown up yet, I am assuming that its just standard for the company in question - that the are cast-up to order.

As for Rules, I will NOT be using the bloody aweful Invasion Earth Rules from Harlequin/Black Tree - they are truly terrible (as are the miniatures to be frank) - I shall be using the Custom Force Creation rules from Vor the Maelstrom for bigger games (using the VOR system of course) and AE-Bounty from Darkson Designs for smaller games (its very detailed and easily customizable).

Roleplaying - well, I'm ditching the current Doctor Who RPG. I know a lot of people rant and coo over it. But I firmly believe its because of its production values, they are exceptionally high. I shall still buy supplements (for ideas - a good idea can always be pinched) - but for actually running games I shall be using the original FASA Doctor Who RPG.

It was the first, and barring a couple of points is still the best - its infinitely playable. It does NOT "push" the GM into using the Doctor as an NPC to drive his players along (I can't BELIEVE thats a freaking popular option, I thought modern RPG players were more sophisticated than that - I thought the whole "Carrot-Donkey-Stick" method of Games Mastering died out years ago, and here it is again rearing its ugly head) it allows easy character generation, Time Lord PC's, a tactical combat system (which is easily utilized for miniature skirmishes), AND its available free (if you know where to look LoL).

I will be posting conversion rules to and from the FASA system at some point, when I finally get on top of my painting!

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