Sunday, 11 July 2010

Its all in Miniature . . . . .

I've posted about this before, Doctor Who miniatures - but there have been some startling new "gear" appearing recently.

Crooked Dice Miniatures have a blossoming range of suitable "Not" Doctor Who miniatures -

Tweedy Mattison & WPC May Killan would "proxy" nicely as the 11th Doctor and Ms Pond. Sculpted by the prolific and very Talented Kev White of Hasslefree Miniatures.

Tweedy & May RRP at £7.00, but are also available seperately at £4.00 each.

And they have a lovely miniature suitable as Rose coming out soon. Sculpted (in orange) by Andrew Rae.

Daisy will RRP at £4.00.

A while back Heresy Miniatures released their second Nerdlord (their "Not" 11th Doctor Miniature) which was sculpted by Steve Buddle of Eolith Miniatures. An absolute STEAL at £3.50.

This is the best of the bunch as far as I am concerned, and captures the character perfectly!

Well, Mr Buddle has done it again - this time with a miniature named "Emily Lake" -

Yet another absolute corker from Steve Buddle, and again an excellent price at just £3.50!

Back to Crooked Dice Miniatures now, as they are also doing suitable "Beasties" too!

Suitable "cyber" pets, a multi-choice "minion" miniature - sporting a boiler suit and a choice of three different heads - a tentacled face, pig hybrid head, or a blank faced automaton are the choices - and fantastic choices they are too.

So check them all out, you won't be dissapointed!


Weird Chris said...

Might just be me but Kev's "Tweedy" looks more like Joss Whedon, not that that's a bad thing! Infact Joss'd probably be quite flattered!

Doctor Warlock said...

Thats one of the reasons Im looking forward to the Steve Buddle version more (when Amy's master mold comes back - I ordered both at the same time)