Thursday, 8 July 2010

New Toys

I had some new Toys come today.

The British Druid and Green Man, and a pack of Robot Troopers.

BRI001 - British Druid

I am particularly impressed with the British Druid, one of the reasons being that it looks INCREDIBLY like my best friend Chris here in the UK.

Chris - you know its true!

The quality is up to Darksons usual standard, and you (as usual) get a good selection of parts to customize the miniature.

Two heads, which are basically the same head (with the same beard and face) - just one is bare headed and the other is not (I see a Chris conversion coming elsewhere LoL).

Two sets of arms, the set seen in the picture above - and another with a Dagger (one would assume of some ceremonial significance) and the right is gesturing whilst dangling an amulet/talisman from the fingers.

I really have to give this miniature 10/10 great concept and execution, plenty of options, great sculpt, nicely cast up with little or no flash!

BRI002 - The Greenman

Whilst much the same is true of The Greenman (great concept and execution, great sculpt, nicely cast up with little or no flash) I had a couple of dissapointments.

The Greenman is NOT a multipart Kit, whilst its not really an issue - as its still a gorgeous model - it was still a bit of a surprise.

Its not quite as big/tall as I thought he might be - he's a little over 40mm tall and when you consider that the British Druid stands around 35mm tall its not that impressive by comparision. Especially considering that the German Altered Gorilla is 48mm Tall (I'll be reviewing him at a later date).

As I said, don't get me wrong - I still have a lot of praise for this miniature, I just think it should have been bigger! Should it have topped out around 50mm - it would have received another 10/10!

The Greenman is once again a great concept and nicely executed, the sculpt is lovely - and again its nicely cast up (and in the case of my miniature) absolutely no flash! Overall - 8/10!

AME006 - American Robot Troopers

I absolutely LOVE these guys, inspired by the Robots from the Pulp Novels and Comics of the era (unlike the Movie Robots of the 40's that all looked like mobile dustbins) these guys really hit the mark for me.

The Pack contains three multi-part, interchangeable Robots with a really nice selection of arms and heads - 3 Bodies, 4 Heads, 4 Arm Sets (and the necessary 30mm round slotted bases).

What can I say about these - I could froth all day and still have praise LoL!

The nicest feature for me is the ball joints - at the shoulders and the necks, everything is ball and socket jointed - not only does this make posing them easier, it minimizes the need for pinning - absolutely brilliant!

I LOVE these guys, if it wasn't for the fact rules-wise they can't hit the broadside of a bard I would take an Army full of them!

An absolutely inspiring concept/design, brilliantly executed, the sculpts are gorgeous - and again its cast up to a very high quality - once again absolutely no flash! Overall - 12/10! (I know TECHNICALLY I can only go up to 10/10 - but its my Blog LoL).


darth tater said...

Wow the bots are awesome!
Missed these........

Doctor Warlock said...

I know, they are my favourite sculpts so far!