Thursday, 22 July 2010

No News Update

No Blogging for a few days, mainly because I've had a lot on (with one disaster and another) and I am STILL waiting for my AE-Bounty order LoL!

I really need to get "back into" my Pulp City, but my Iron Train base got "Linda'd"

She was dusting and knocked the cabinet - breaking one of the "hoods" of the signals on his base (and I can't find it), I actually ordered another from MaxMini - but its considerably different now, its now a "topper" base insert for a start; AND the base is somewhat different from the one I first purchased - I prefer the former.

So I need to figure a way to repair it.

Vector went horribly wrong, and I've had to strip Supreme Zed too - all in all its knocked the "Pulp City Wind" out of my "sails" (so to speak) a little.

In the mean time I've been painting my Malifaux Witch Hunters crew (so I don't slow my hands down too much by not painting at all) and reading "World War II GI: US Army Uniforms, 1941-45" in preperation for painting my AE-WWII Americans (yes I am THAT obsessive).

Over the next couple of days I shall re-assemble Supreme Zed and re-base him, and re-base Vector - in the hopes it will all go well and I won't screw things up again.

Wish me Luck!


darth tater said...

Good luck!

Doctor Warlock said...


Cheers Mate!

darth tater said...

You'll need to start a malifaux blog soon!